Rand Paul takes a courageous pro-lynching stance

(Kidding aside, he wants to tighten the language.)

4 thoughts on “Rand Paul takes a courageous pro-lynching stance

  1. According to the article, according to Paul, as written the bill could subject a person involved in an altercation that results in minor cuts or bruises to a 10 year sentence. Paul wants to limit it to cases where serious bodily injury, substantial risk of death or extreme physical pain were inflicted. That seems reasonable to me, but I don’t know anything about it other than what’s in the article. Now you could argue that no one would be federally prosecuted for causing minor bruises. But that doesn’t mean the law shouldn’t be written better.

    1. So, what exactly is serious bodily injury? After all, water boarding isn’t torture in the US but it is in every civilized country.

      Intent should be sufficient…not its success.

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