The Dow dropped about 1300 from its Tuesday high

Nobody really polls investors to see why they trade, so the market trends get “spun” by both sides.

Liberals claim: Investors were scared off by the massive surge in COVID cases and the unexpectedly high unemployment numbers.

Conservatives respond: Investors are terrified by the prospect that Elizabeth Warren would be the next Secretary of the Treasury. (Implied: vote for Trump to avoid that catastrophe.)

If I were Biden, assuming I got elected, I would think first about who could do the massive housecleaning required from the Attorney General. The DoJ is a travesty. The AG needs to be a workaholic, brainy, tough as nails and incorruptible. If Warren is unavailable, do the Dems have somebody else for that job? To me, that seems like the job for Warren or Tom Perez. Another question – would either or both of the Obamas accept positions in Biden’s cabinet?

Anyway, that’s just idle rambling at this point. Trump may get re-elected, of course, so the Dems need to concentrate on a good VP candidate first and foremost. Given Biden’s age, it is not unreasonable to suggest that his VP may become the president within those four years, so it must be somebody with a cool head and the policy knowledge to run the show. Warren meets the bill, but she is 71 herself, and the Dems would like minority representation on the ticket. Is Kamala Harris ready to be President, for example? Is Susan Rice? Maybe. I just don’t know.

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  1. I very much doubt either Obama would accept a Cabinet position. Barack seems far too cognizant of the long-standing tradition of ex-presidents stepping out of active political life after their term(s) have ended, and I don’t see him as a guy who wants to topple political mores, especially ones that probably do much more good than harm. And I really can’t see him wanting to violate a presidential norm in the wake of a institutional vandal like Trump who has so gleefully and wantonly torn down so many of them. I think he’s much more apt to follow the Jimmy Carter model of ex-presidency, who has very arguably been our best ex-president, than not.

    As for Michelle, she’s pretty steadfastly claimed her almost complete lack of desire to enter the political arena; I really can’t see a Cabinet position changing that resolve. She strikes me as someone who’d much rather have as quiet a life as possible at this point than suffer the constant slings and arrows that a political life for her would necessarily entail. Especially one that, for her, would be so vitriolic and hate-filled – just look what they did to Hillary Clinton, and she was white. It would be far worse for Michelle.

  2. Is Pence?
    The current President isn’t ready to be President…
    there is a saying that the office changes the occupant. Except in this case.
    A dart thrown at a random page in the phone book would likely land on a person that would be more Presidential than the current one.
    The only thing he hasn’t done is inadvertently nuke an innocent country like Kenya by accident because his dyslexia makes him a shitty speller and he meant North Korea….

  3. You are all daft. Letting Biden et al anywhere the White House again is to validate the marxists now running wild in your streets. They will quickly take over and the will never a free and clean election again and the last great hope of mankind will be gone forever. The US will quickly look like Venazula or North Korea.

    1. You and your asshole trump supporters are drinking to much clorox go and stick a can of lysol up your ass and see if you can see the light

    2. Oh, Joe’s a lot of things – a hack, a plagiarist, racism-curious at the least, likely Alzheimer’s patient – but you could throw an advanced case of syphilis on top and he’d still be preferable to Trump.
      A Marxist? Joe? Shut the front door.

      1. You are confusing his stutter to Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s patients don’t correct themselves immediately, they don’t recognize that they mis-spoke. Biden has corrected himself immediately on numerous occasions. (some of which were selectively edited out when being shown on Faux News)
        He has also done math in his head during speeches or while answering reporters questions, which is something else a patient with even early onset Alzheimer’s can’t do. It is one of the earliest symptoms.

    3. hynd said: “marxists now running wild”

      A) OK, boomer.

      B) You been in a deep freeze since the Reagan years, hynd? There ain’t no marxists no more. They went down in flames over 30 years ago. Anybody who thinks the Chinese are marxists hasn’t been to a Walmart in ages.

      C) If the USA will soon look like Venezuela or North Korea, get out now while you can!!! You can’t wait another second! Certainly not until November.

      1. Just curious – was there ever a time when Marxists ran sensibly?

        They are to wild running as John Cleese is to silly walking.

      2. Tell that to the Cubans and Venazulans. They know about markism and socialism and how it has destroyed to great countries. By the way I am not an American, But I admire what it was designed to be and still can be

        1. You are not an American, but you know all about what’s running wild in our streets. Terrific. I will take your opinion with all the seriousness it deserves.

          1. The world is watching the implosion of a great nation, as they refuse to defend the rights they have be bequithed by thier founders to a mob of fools.

          2. Hey, we’re not crazy about it either, but them’s the rules. The 1880s had their P.T. Barnum too, they just had the good sense not to elect him president. Check us again in 6-7 months, things will likely be looking up. You may even want to come run wild in our streets. Meanwhile, work on learning to spell these words:

        2. Stop reading propaganda. Obama was supposed to take guns, we were supposed to have an immigrant caravan over take the US by now, and now it’s back to the usual ‘law and order’ bullshit. Right wing media figures. who make 8 figures a year and have a side hustle of making money off the poor through scam ventures, push a bullshit narrative out that changes constantly and their cult forgets whatever the last one was supposed to be whenever the next one starts. Just like out of Big Brother’s playbook Orwell’s ‘1984.’

          Fact: income inequity is going way up, even worse with the pandemic, and has been for years. This is an established fact. If Marxism, socialism, or any type of equity structure was in place, this would *not* be occurring. And no one is looking to corrupt authoritarian dictatorship models who claim to be socialist like Cuba or Venezuela, this is a bullshit narrative pushed by the rich conservative elite – the model anyone would look forward to is Canada, or Nordic countries. There’s no socialism in a country where if you get sick, you have no protection, you lose your job, house, or die if you cannot pay.

          Most of the country is controlled by a few hundred extremely wealthy people who control all the resources. This flow is getting worse, not better. This is a country controlled by the iron fist of the police state, where mass incarceration is the worst it’s ever been. These are not the numbers of a country ‘overrun by mobs.’ Any given day you can find dozens of documented videos of innocent civilians being attacked for doing nothing but being there.

          This is objective fact. Not in your own head subjectivity because you see some propaganda that makes it reality. We’re not even close to any instance of some sort of bizarre supposed Marxist authoritarian state – every single inch of authority, power, and wealth is flowing directly to the wealthy and the state under their control to obtain more.

      1. Jimmy Carter lacked the political instincts of a capybara.

        But he’s a helluva good human being, which should count for more than it actually does.

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