“These were Abraham Lincoln’s last words!”

Not sure why I became curious about this. I think I saw it in a clickbait ad and decided to look it up without taking the clickbait.

One of the following represents the final words he spoke to his Mary:

1. Suddenly I have a great headache. Man, that shit hurts.

2. As much as I dread death with so much left to accomplish, even death is more welcome than having to sit through the rest of this fucking play.

3. Oh, shit. After all the work I did to save this union, and all I need to do to rebuild it, it’s now in the hands of that asshole, Johnson.

4. There is no city on earth I so much desire to see as Jerusalem.

5. She won’t think anything about it.

There doesn’t seems to be agreement on this. It is either 4 or 5. Number five seems more likely.

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