Vengeance is mine, saith the Don.

“Someone throwing a rock is like shooting a gun. You have to do retribution.”

You have to dominate. If you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time.”

9 thoughts on “Vengeance is mine, saith the Don.

  1. Says the guy with a protective force around him 24/7/365, hiding behind a fenced quasi-military compound.

    Tell you what, Donnie: go out there and show the protesters your “dominance,” you fucking coward. Or maybe his bone spurs are acting up.

    1. Look, I despise Trump, completely and utterly. But national leaders engaging in combat hasn’t been a thing for around 400 years, depending on what you mean by “engaging” and “combat”. Your accusation could be thrown at any American president in office during a time of war or civil unrest.

      Having said that, Trump is a draft dodger, apparently through a falsified medical report. Where are the Swift Boat Veterans when they could have actually done some good? Oh, right – they were a bunch of creatures hired by the Republican Party to lie their asses off.

      1. The difference is that not a single one of those other Presidents would have put on phony airs of personal bravery.

        1. Oh, true, fwald. I avoid watching Trump, so I was unaware of that.

  2. And our SOD (Britishism truly applies here) yammering about dominating the battlezone. And Cotton and Gaetz raving about “no quarter” and “hunting them down”. The Orange Buffoon brandishing the Bible as a prop. How low can we go here?

    1. Full fascist…that’s where the US is heading with Trump. Expect nothing less.

      Peaceful protestors In Lafayette Part were scattered by tear gas and rubber bullets so Trump et al could get their photo op in front of the Episcopal Church.

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