Why Do So Many Medieval Manuscripts Depict Butt Trumpets?

Men and animals playing trumpets with their rear ends… Medieval art is really confusing and quite random.”

4 thoughts on “Why Do So Many Medieval Manuscripts Depict Butt Trumpets?

  1. And who was the perv who first thought, “hey, maybe I’ll try that with my mouth!”

  2. That’s because so many modern instruments have crowded the trumpets out. In medieval times, the trumpet did not face competition from the cool, jazzy butt saxophone (the kids today say butt sax is the new oral), the spooky butt theremin, and the greatest challenge for butt musicians, the butt harp.

    Those in the know say that that the trends are cyclical, and that the future is bright for butt instruments of every stripe, so we can safely assume that trumpets will continue to occupy a prominent place in that pantheon.

  3. The real question:
    Why Do So Many Contemporary Manuscripts Lack Butt Trumpets?

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