Golf seems to be a much better spectator sport in Korea

Maybe not in North Korea.

This is aspiring Korean actress Jeong A-reum

One more.

12 thoughts on “Golf seems to be a much better spectator sport in Korea

  1. I’m not that into golf. But if a topless, oiled-up Korean chick is gonna pull my pin, maybe I could give it another try.

    1. “Pull my pin”? Is golf played with hand grenades in Korea? That would actually make it exciting to watch, not like American golf.

          1. Neither am I. The workaround is do a copy link in a new window. Works for single pictures but not galleries.

          2. Imgur plays games with links, converting image links to container files, then asking for a sign-up. If you ever really want to see a pic, right-click on the link, choose “copy link address” – then paste that address into a new tab or window.

      1. Roger, I see you’re not a big golf guy!

        “Pull the pin” is a common golf expression used on or around the green when players are deciding whether to leave the pin in or chip/putt to an empty cup.

        1. In this context, then, what constitutes “the pin” if it is NOT the release mechanism on a grenade?

          1. The “pin” is what you call that flag on a stick that marks the cup on the green of each golf hole. “Pull the pin” means “take that flag thingy out of the hole.”

          2. That must be very confusing when officers play golf in active war zones. I imagine there must have been some nasty accidents.

          3. Yeah, they say that Jack Nicklaus lost three fingers in just such an incident when playing in the lucrative Fallujah Open. You may have seen that on TV. It’s the only tournament with no sand traps, because the actual fairways are already made of sand. Nicklaus had a problem with grenades there, but most golfers are more worried about the snakes, scorpions, land mines and of course sniper fire.

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