Hey – even more good news … humanity headed for catastrophic collapse

Per the site:

In a new theoretical study appearing in Nature Scientific Reports, a pair of statistical researchers have warned that rampant human consumption has sent us on a tailspin towards a rapid catastrophic collapse — which could happen in the next two to four decades. Forest density, or the current lack thereof, is considered the cataclysmic canary in the coal mine, according to the report.

Frankly I don’t know how seriously I should take this, and I don’t have the time to study it, but this and the recent “covid could last for decades” news, with its corollary implications for our new normal routines, lead me to wonder if my generation was the one to experience “peak human life” and that it will never be as easy again.

3 thoughts on “Hey – even more good news … humanity headed for catastrophic collapse

  1. Look, I am not a scientist and cannot evaluate this work. But I will say they are in the position of the boy who cried wolf. Personally, I have been hearing this kind of thing since i was in high school, which is when “The Limits to Growth” came out.

    I suppose each prediction, if in earnest, is more accurate than the last. But after 45 years, I can no longer react strongly.

  2. It’s a theoretical study, but climate change is real, and it’s been proven by science. Whether this specific theory happens is irrelevant, we already know the climate is warming due to human intervention.

    I’ve never understood the ‘conspiracy’ part of climate change. Like, do people like mercury in their fish? Smog in the air? Plastic in every piece of the ocean? Giving a theocratic dictatorship like Saudia Arabia all your money?

    That’s the funny thing about all these ‘conspiracies’ based on scientific studies – whats the ‘gotcha’ moment in all of this? Making the world a less shitty place? Reminds me of the comic ‘what if its all fake and we make the world better for nothing!’

    From all the COVID to anti-vaccer to climate change hoax theories, it’s funny that none of these people have any actual reasonable explanation of what the motivational gotcha moment is to fake any of it.

    Yeah Billy Bob, Dr Fauci is a propagandist because he wants you to be inconvenienced wearing a mask for a few minutes while you’re having you’re fifth buffet of local slop bucket cuisine for the week. You figured it all out, bravo.

  3. The phrase the comes to mind is “alarmist claptrap”.

    We can’t master small complex systems, like the human body, but we think we can master massive complex systems, like the earth and its climate.

    Sure, tell me when you get it right even once.

    Climate change is real. Predictions like this? May as well read a fortune cookie, the amount of variables involved can’t even be calculated by all of humanity combined to predict an outcome.

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