Jimmy Trump – the long con plays out

For quite some time there has been a Twitter account called “Rogue White House Senior Adviser,” claiming to be an insider with direct access to the president, accumulating a quarter of a million followers. In the past week the author had been teasing that he would be revealing his true identity on Independence Day.

He finally claimed to be Jimmy Trump, aka James Maxwell Trump, secret love child of The Donald and Ghislaine Maxwell.

It was bullshit, of course. He posted a false birth certificate

… and his original picture was actually Kieran Culkin.

4 thoughts on “Jimmy Trump – the long con plays out

  1. Now THAT is some patient, coherent bullshitting. Are you watching/learning, Trump?
    It’s bullshit, but I almost admire it because there’s no money in it for him.

    1. Are you kidding? Once the Donald dies, this Jimmy Trump guy will be as rich as Melvin Dummar!

      Whaddya mean you don’t know who Melvin Dummar was? There was a whole movie made about him! With Mary Steenburgen (topless!) and everything!

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