Sailor Brinkley Cook topless

Seen here without her sisters, Tinker, Tailor and Spy.

I wonder whether she was named after this guy, and whether she takes after him:

2 thoughts on “Sailor Brinkley Cook topless

  1. I’ll pick a nit. The omitted profession from the film/LeCarre book title was Soldier, not Sailor. Your foot missed the bag. Nice try.

    1. I know. I considered saying Tinker, Soldier and Spy because Sailor sounds like Tailor, but I liked the rhythm of the joke better as it was. Soldier didn’t seem to flow in the context.

      I sort of assumed you would know that I was completely familiar with the title. I have never read the novel, but back in the day I did write a review of the movie, which I didn’t much care for.

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