Trump claims ‘nobody ever heard’ Abraham Lincoln was a Republican until he pointed it out

I mean NOBODY knew, not even Lincoln himself. I still don’t believe it.

Consider the evidence:

Beards: Karl Marx, Lenin, Lincoln
No beards: Reagan, Quayle, Nixon

It’s obvious – Abe was a commie!

Plus, his sobriquet was “Honest” Abe. That doesn’t sound very Republican to me. I never heard Stone and Trump called Honest Rog and Honest Don.

7 thoughts on “Trump claims ‘nobody ever heard’ Abraham Lincoln was a Republican until he pointed it out

  1. People dying every day from his incompetence and this is what he has on his so-called mind.

    1. It was named after their favorite conveyance – the Town Car. It’s said that Abe himself loved them because they had plenty of hat room.

      1. Indeed, Henry Ford was one of Abe’s biggest campaign contributors. Born right after the Battle of Gettysburg notwithstanding …

  2. I used to teach high school social studies in the South Bronx. There were a number of students that were surprised to learn that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. They were even more surprised to learn there was a time when African-Americans were reliable Republican voters. One of my pet peeves with how I was taught about Reconstruction was the way the “Radical Republicans” were portrayed as extremists without providing any real context about what made them extreme, i.e. they wanted equality for African Americans. But whether you admire the Republicans of the Reconstruction era or despise them, I don’t see how that should have any bearing on who you would vote for today. I certainly wouldn’t want voters 150 years from now making such decisions based on the Trump presidency.

    On the subject of Elmo Lincoln, he was a subject of a Trivial Pursuit question. A bunch of my friends and I were playing Trivial Pursuit when we were in college and the question came up. “What was Elmo Lincoln’s claim to fame?” Since we were in college at the time we were also drinking and that question just struck us as hillarious. As a result, whenever we played after that, when you didn’t know the answer you incorporated Elmo Lincoln into your answer e.g. who invented the Cotton Gin? Elmo Lincoln’s grandmother. Of course you can probably guess what happenned. The same Elmo Lincoln question came up and I had completely forgotten he was the first actor to play Tarzan on film.

  3. Well at least I now know why they call it the party of Lincoln. I had always assumed that they did that because of the University of Nebraska had a really good college republican group.

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