Trump frees Oswald Cobblepot

Just when he was about to head back to Arkham. Oh, man, is Batman going to be pissed off. The Penguin is now free to terrorize Gotham City again!

20 thoughts on “Trump frees Oswald Cobblepot

  1. Equal justice

    Info found in illegal surveillance

    Each of us should hope for the same should we ever be accused if a crime

    Please think before you respond here…

    1. If he was convicted because of illegally acquired evidence that is grounds for appeal or even getting his sentence overturned.

      That’s not what Roger Stone wanted. He seems fine with being a convicted felon and wanted the easy way out of a jail sentence because he’s a weak little man. I guess he must have a lot of dirt on Trump since Trump has no sense of loyalty.

    2. Irony Conservative that you speak of civil liberties, when Lindsay Graham and the GOP are trying to force through a bill that forces companies to place an encryption vulnerability into their software by default.

      If you’re worried about surveillance, you’ve backed the wrong horse, because there’s nothing worse that can be done to civil liberties technologically than ask companies to create a backdoor into their technology.

      1. Totally against it

        Against all govt over reach

        Try again

        About ideals not a candidate or party as I’ve said over and over…

          1. Do some digging please.

            Find and follow what you believe but listen to all sides, research and form your own opinion not the one forced on you.

        1. Midwest Conservative wants us to get our news from sources that tell the lies he wants us to believe.+

          Please give us an example of something false in the mainstream media and true in some media you approve of, Mid Con. You know, if you can.

      1. I’m not trolling here

        Still on your russia hoax? That’s trolling…

        Is trump innocent? Hell no, but remember relative to the norm created and practiced by previous administrations par for the course if not under par compared to the previous

          1. Fox is just like the rest. Honestly please don’t pay to get your news. There are a number of great investigative reporters out there that you can find if you do some digging.

        1. Please name these investigative reporters, or tell us where their reports appear, MC.

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