White supremacists pose as Antifa, incite violence

The account only had a few hundred followers. Nobody could fall for that, right?

Except Donald Trump, Jr.

Which leads me to this question … How did he ever notice such an obscure account to begin with?

19 thoughts on “White supremacists pose as Antifa, incite violence

  1. It’s like that old Simpsons…
    “Who the hell are you?”
    “What do you care, I’m telling you what you want to hear.”

  2. Doesn’t surprise me considering the conservative propaganda machine of Fox News, conservative radio, and lying Super PACs. When there’s no evidence of a claim – invent one. Himmler would be proud of the conservative/Republican machine nowadays – the ‘radical liberals’ has a ring to it only the ‘Polish Barbarism’ justification in WWII could match. How long until the conservatives recreate a modern Gleiwitz incident to try to rally Trump getting destroyed in the polls?

  3. Try Goebbels. And evil jackasses though they are, they’re not nearly up to Nazi or Stalinist level. But then why let history or fact get in the way of some good fulmination?

    1. Probably because we have a party and president who bitches about law and order and non-existent groups, when mass incarceration is the highest its ever been and it’s been proven causes non-violent criminals to come out worse than they came in.

      A party and president stating that socialism and communism is taking over when income inequity is the worst its ever been, and taxes from corporations and the ultra wealthy are the lowest its ever been.

      A party and president stating that left wing ‘spending’ welfare programs add to government cost, when yet another Republican President has added to massively to the national debt at a higher rate than supposed ‘welfare’ Presidents by funneling money directly to the ultra-wealthy.

      I could go on and on. Trump tax cuts in 2017 went straight to the wealthy and corporations to cut jobs through mergers and acquisitions, stock buybacks, and raise prices for consumers to give monopolies more power instead of creating jobs and raising wages like they claim. No meaningful gun law has passed Congress in 30 years, yet there’s a surge every year that somehow it’s on the horizon. No alleged crime wave from immigrants despite what was supposed to be some criminal ‘caravan’ to invade the country.

      And the false flag operation in Poland was called Operation Himmler BTW – he originated it. Just like these bullshit alleged ‘antifa’ operations that are non-existent. Trump doesn’t have the power, or the brain to pull something like that off, but you better believe he would have every inclination to do so if that were available to him.

      1. Don’t think Trump won’t stoop as low as possible. And there are plenty of people willing to follow him to such depths.

        1. Of course. He’s on the record admiring China’s concentration camps and wishing he could jail/execute journalists. There’s no doubt if he has the legal ability or mental capacity to do so, he would.

          The guy is the ‘Paris Hilton’ of his family, took $400 mil in today’s equivalent from his daddy, created a racket with shady individuals to cut bait and declare bankruptcy to manipulate the law to protect himself from all his shit decisions, and that’s about it. He’s never worked an honest day in his life and never had an intelligent thought, business or otherwise, in his life. That’s the only thing from preventing him from actively achieving what pretty despicable individuals in the past were able to do. It sure isn’t his education, tolerance, or empathy – because he has none of any.

  4. I’ve been expecting this to happen if it hasn’t already been happening. And at this point I’m not confident Jr. retweeting it is completely an innocent act either. When the country’s top leader is also a complete troll it seems like you have to work 24/7 trying to filter out all the bullshit. Even when some things are obvious it’s such a cavalcade that there’s never any relief, it feels overwhelming sometimes.

  5. Twitter said. No proof, no evidence just the word of the objective platform known as twitter. If I didn’t know any better I’d assume that liberals have become gullible morons believing what they want to believe. If Trump had any balls he’d order the DOJ to subpoena these accounts to find out where they really come from.

    Chapo and antifa morons have been threatening with hangings and guillotines people for years now but yeah that particular account is white supremacist and poor innocent antifa are getting smeared. No way they’d do such a thing!

      1. Chapotraphouse subreddit that just got banned for constantly asking for violence and death of their opponents. CONSTANTLY.

        Surprisingly the podcast is very good and hates these LARPing liberal morons.

        1. Oh, I think JohnK is just making a joke. Nobody could believe that anything that ridiculous. Well, nobody but Trump. And did you notice that, phonetically, his name is “junk”?

        2. Thanks for cluing me in. I hadn’t heard of that sub, glad this all has nothing to do with El Chapo.

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