More of Jamie Chung in Lovecraft Country

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Love Craft! I Love that show.

“The Love Craft. Soon we’ll be making another run.

The Love Craft. Eldritch horror for everyone.”

Oh sure, it’s all fun and games on the Love Craft- until Cthulhu shows up.

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Jamie Chung side-boob

5 thoughts on “More of Jamie Chung in Lovecraft Country

    1. Not sure if serious.

      But that’s Gavin “Murray” MacLeod.

      Also known as “Always With the Negative Waves Moriarty”.

      He’s not Shatner, but a solid lesser god, I would argue.

          1. I’m glad someone took the trouble and if I’m ever bored enough I’ll click. Meanwhile, to quote Marge Simpson “It’s not Joyce DeWitt…it’s never Joyce DeWitt.” I seem to recall she was once the love interest for Martin. Or maybe Rowan, I can never keep those two straight.

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