The NY Times got Trump’s tax returns

The Times full article (part 1 of ??)

I read that you can get through the NYT paywall as follows: “Right click on the link. Choose ‘Open link in Incognito window.'”

If that fails … here is BBC’s summary.

19 thoughts on “The NY Times got Trump’s tax returns

    1. Hey, Trump paid three-quarters of a THOUSAND dollars in 2016! You call somebody who owes that much in Federal income taxes a loser? And well you should, because that is ridiculous.

      He is either A) a terrible businessman, B), puts immense effort into tax avoidance, which should result in the need for tax reform being immediately obvious to all, C) simply lies his ass off at tax time, or D) all of the above, plus other disgusting stuff I have not thought of.

      BTW, when I say tax reform, I mean it in an actual sense, not “huge tax cuts for billionaires”, which is the Republican sense.

      Will millions of Americans never wake up from recognizing the pile of human garbage they elected and all but worship? I suppose not, because admitting they were wrong appears to be utterly impossible for them. I think they would rather die, or at least they would rather that a lot of other people die. Trump would be OK with that either way.

  1. What you see is Trump is simply the orchestrator of a gigantic Ponzi scheme to him and his family’s benefit.

    He overstates the value of his assets to get gigantic loans, then turns around and declares a small percent of it as ‘actual assets’ when paying taxes. All of his revenue comes from using his supporters to pay for access to golf courses or properties, or from ‘The Apprentice’ royalties and/or name and likeness.

    Which turns out to actually be a tiny percentage of what’s actually needed to turn a profile. He has $300 million in loans from Deutche Bank due in the next few years, and he’s obviously using his power in office as his personal gain to gain access to more money.

    And deductions on taxes? He’s been using at least one instance of a ‘consulting’ deduction, which turned out to be the exact same as his daughter Ivanka declared as revenue on taxes the same year. Essentially, he just moved money around to his family to avoid paying taxes.

    We always knew what he was, except for his brainwashed cult. A pathetic leech on society, who only used his dad’s money and the corruption available to manipulate this system for his own personal gain, to harm everyone else around him. He leeched on US public services we all pay for, he leeched on bankruptcies to leave probably quite a few small businesses on the hook for bills, or employees without paychecks. Even the undocumented immigrants he’s vilified paid more and have done more for society than him. He’s the epitome of the ‘elite’ rich white man who’s done not a damn thing to earn it, except being corrupt.

    In the end, he’ll be nothing but a blip in history, where people will only know him and his cult and a bunch of failed, horrible people, with Trump ending a broke, isolated criminal.

    Six weeks and its game over.

      1. I’ll be early voting in person next week. And I just realized it’s five weeks, even more hopeful now.

        Biden just needs to go at Trump like a boxer hitting body blow after body blow in the debates. He looked pretty bad in some early primary debates, but if he can bring the fire he brought to the South Carolina primary debate, I don’t see Trump making up any ground, even with his hardcore cult behind him.

    1. Indy, if you don’t mind I would love to use your words (not to claim as my own, I’ll list you as an anonymous source), to respond to some of the people I know on social today. You perfectly summed this up the way I see it in my head, only far better than I could do myself.

      1. No problem, I would suggest moving off social platforms though, especially Facebook. It’s a lost cause no matter what you say, they’re in full on cult territory.

  2. Warren Buffet once mentioned he pays less taxes than his secretary. These guys have plenty of lawyers and accountants at their disposal, so the IRS doesn’t even bother to fight them. They go after the little guys, nickle-and-diming like back alley kids playing cards. Cowardly little punks. Roaches that scatter as soon as the light comes on.

  3. What!? No comment yet from Brobonk or Midwest that it’s all “fake news…” After all…poor Trump “can’t” release his tax returns to rebut the failing NYT until the IRS completes its audit…

    1. No, the cult already has their narrative. It’s he’s ‘smart’ for not paying taxes. I guess he’s ‘smart’ for being $300 million in debt or so, or having the NY state attorney’s office after him, or never working an honest day in his life either.

      Basically he’s everything the hardcore right claim to hate. He utilizes public services and pays no taxes on them, adding nothing to society – you know like the supposed illegal immigrants do. Even though they actually pay more taxes than him.

      He’s gotten welfare loans by inflating his value, and then bails through bankruptcy leaving any government institutions or small businesses with the bill. You know, like all those welfare queens that supposedly exist out there.

      And then he uses his daughter, family, and other countries to funnel money to act as deductions or avoidance, and utilizes his position to invite billionaires to his properties to pull money for power. You know, all the supposed actions of the ‘elite.’

      His cult are hypocrites and a cancer on society in every sense of the words. They worship this C rate celebrity wanna be mob boss out of the blue, and then gladly bend over and take it when he does everything they supposedly bitch about from others.

      Maybe eventually some of them will learn a lesson after all of this when they grow a pair, instead of having Trump’s in their mouth, instead of trying to find the next authoritarian leader to get cuckolded by.

  4. “President Trump shifted his position overnight on a sweeping New York Times investigative report on his taxes, accusing the paper on Monday of using ‘illegally obtained information’ after initially saying on Sunday that the article was ‘totally ‘fake news.’ “

    It’s always a dead giveaway when the crook radically changes the story…

  5. “Illegally obtained information” is an even “deader” giveaway.

    Well DC is supposed to be sending out the ballots soon and the day I get mine it gets marked up and hoofed up to the Board of Elections drop box. Taking no chances with any shit from Mr. DeJoy.

    Sweep all the bastards out. I donated to Harrison, Kelly, and Greenfield over the weekend (picking those three based on how much I despise Miss Lindsey, McSally, and Ernst).

  6. Based on what’s come out so far, the OB, Eric, and Princess Sparkle Pony ought to keep their Varig or Aeroflot tickets close at hand.

  7. One little story buried in their politics section. But also a “told you so” op-ed opining that Trump should have released his returns in ’16.

    Btw, Economist is giving 67% odds that the Dems take the Senate.

    1. you mean in the story “Biden Releases Tax Returns Ahead of Debate With Trump…?” Murdoch buried the story… Spinning it in the op-ed while burying the actual facts…

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