“Iran knows that, and they’ve been put on notice, if you fuck around with us, we are going to do things to you that have never been done before.”

“Things that have never been done before”? What could that mean? Is he going to read a book?

Those who support him viewed this positively, much as the Catholic Church viewed the priest who defiled his altar with consenting adult women and avoided little boys. Trump’s entourage rejoiced that he merely said “fuck” and avoided the n-word.

One more

The dazzling Whitey Ford, he of the lifetime .690 winning percentage, has passed away. He was 91.

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That .690 is the highest of all time among the 200-game winners.

Whitey’s 2.75 lifetime ERA is the best among the modern 200-game winners.

Among all post-WW2 pitchers with at least 250 decisions, only 11 have posted ERAs below 3.00. One of them (Clayton Kershaw) is still active and another (Hoyt Wilhelm) was primarily a reliever. Among retired starters, Whitey is #1, just edging out Koufax, who finished at 2.76. The list is below.

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Ford was just as effective in the post-season. His 2.71 World Series ERA nearly matched his regular season numbers, and he won 10 World Series games, which is the all-time record by a wide margin (nobody else has won more than seven).

“The development marks the completion of a head-spinning 48 hours. Trump, on Tuesday, took to Twitter to call off the stimulus talks entirely, sending markets into a dive. Eight hours later he called for piecemeal legislation to address the economic hardship created by the coronavirus pandemic — something Democrats have repeatedly rejected. By Wednesday night, Mnuchin called Pelosi and said the President was interested in coming back to the table, according to a person familiar with their conversation. Now, the President is once again open to a bigger deal.”

Will Smith set a Dodgers record and became the first catcher in major league history with five hits in a postseason game in eliminating the Padres. The Boys in Blue will play the Braves for the NL pennant.

The Astros continued their quest to be the worst pennant winner in history with a series victory over the As. In order to get there, they will have to defeat the Rays.