new pics 10/02:

Camille Constantin in “Moah”:


Angèle Colas in “écailles de rose”:


Marine Vacth in “Moloch”:


French version with comments. I learned a new French word from Charlie’s comments this week: “braquemart,” which translates as “cock” or “prick” as he used it. The dictionary says it is literally, “a short, thick, double-edged sword.” My knowledge of French is minimal, but I gather that it is a word with an intentionally and comically antique ring to it, so if I were translating with an ear to replicating the same tone in English, I might consider “tallywacker.” (That is if my assumptions are correct, which is no certainty. You guys who speak fluent French and English can feel free to weigh in.) At any rate – great word!

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