Danish bull semen? I wish he had called. I could have sent him some. I have a whole refrigerator full, and I’d do just about anything for ol’ Jongie, my frat brother.

(Man that guy was tough when it came to rush week. Talk about hazing! Only the toughest pledges survived getting fed to his pigs. But all in all … best exchange student ever!)

It now seems certain that Biden will win the popular vote (96% likelihood). In fact, the Sleepy One has about a 93% chance to get more than 50% of the vote. Of course, that is irrelevant, but 538 feels that Biden’s chances also look excellent in the Electoral College.

The odds makers have a different take on it. Based on the odds, Trump has an implied 40% chance of winning the Presidency again. “On the 12th October 2016, Donald Trump’s 2016 election odds implied he only had a 19.1% chance of defeating Hillary Clinton. Therefore, according to sportsbooks, Trump is in a much better situation this time round.”

A salient fact is that 75% of the money has been wagered on Trump in recent weeks.