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new pics 10/23:

Maïra Schmitt in “Slalom”:

Noée Abita in “Slalom”:

Cosima Bevernaege in “les amoureuses”:


Talulah Cassavetti in “de l’or pour les chiens”:


Marilou Aussiloux in “La révlution”:

Isabelle Aimé Gonzalez-Sola in “la révolution”:

Marie Margot Meneguz in “la révolution”:


Laura Passaniti in “Boy oh Boy” “sophia antipolis” “demain nous appartient”:


French version, with comments

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She’s Bulgarian, and obviously a gifted comic actress. Here is her photo gallery on IMDb.

And here are some topless shots

Here is her scene with America’s mayor. (The downloaded clip has sound, but the preview does not.)

Here is “A Shot-by-Shot Analysis of the New Borat’s Giuliani Scene”

Borat explains: