Maria Bakalova (plays Borat’s daughter)

She’s Bulgarian, and obviously a gifted comic actress. Here is her photo gallery on IMDb.

And here are some topless shots

Here is her scene with America’s mayor. (The downloaded clip has sound, but the preview does not.)

Here is “A Shot-by-Shot Analysis of the New Borat’s Giuliani Scene”

Borat explains:

13 thoughts on “Maria Bakalova (plays Borat’s daughter)

  1. Rudy doesn’t come off that badly in the scene, but the really key point is left murky by editing, so one is left to wonder, “Why exactly did he go into the bedroom with her, scotch in hand?” The implication is that he thought he was going to get laid, and the fact that he ended up patting her lower back, then on his own back on her bed certainly seems to confirm that, but I wonder what was left on the cutting room floor in terms of the real-life narrative, as opposed to the film’s fictional narrative.

    According to one site I read, she offered him a massage, but I didn’t pick up on that at all. I heard her say, “Shall we go into the bedroom and have a drink?” and then they were there.

    In terms of the moment when he reached into his pants, Rudy’s version of the story does seem accurate – he does seem to be tucking his shirt back into his pants (as opposed to diddling himself, as some have implied).

    My daughter and I watched this together and we both felt that the scene was a lost opportunity, that Sacha burst into the room too soon. I would have let the scene play out farther, just to see how far Rudy would have gone. It would have been so much more entertaining if they could have gotten him to remove his pants, for example.

    One thing seemed very clear – Rudy is totally gullible. It’s no wonder the Russians like to use him as their dupe. That guy will believe anything.

      1. He was divorced in 2019. This scene must have been filmed in 2020 because he was discussing how many lives Trump had saved in the COVID crisis.

      1. Stupidity is a prerequisite for supporting, or even tolerating, Trump. If a person is not stupid to begin with, they have to dumb themselves down, and the more they are around Trump, the dumber they have to become.

        Michael Cohen seems to have recovered from this process. I have no such hope for Rudy; he seems to be past the point of no return.

    1. Hilarious movie, the funny thing is that virtually no one else was in on the joke outside of the two Jewish ladies and possibly the one lady who integrated into the plot.

      Cohen basically stayed with the two Trump conspiracy theorists for five days in characters, and to get into the Pence Republican PAC conference he had to stay in the bathroom for about five hours. It’s amazing what he did to get into character for this and weave it into a plot.

      Of course, Republican’s are review bombing the entire movie completely offended, showing who the real snowflakes are. When your supporters are talking about Clinton’s drinking blood of children and having a grand ole time in a sing along to chopping up journalists like Saudis would, it shines a light on how totally fucked in the head these people are.

  2. New record. But don’t worry, its going away, Trump said so last night. Just like he did in March, before summer, and now before winter. I know, how about throwing a bunch of money to corporations so executives can pad their stock options and pull out again, that will solve it.

    “The U.S. confirmed at least 83,010 coronavirus cases on Friday, the country’s highest daily total since the pandemic started, according to data from COVID Tracking Project.

    By the numbers: At least 81,010 cases were confirmed Friday, surpassing the U.S.’s previous record set on July 17 when 76,842 cases were recorded.

    The current surge is more widespread than the uptick seen on July 17, when just four states accounted for more than 40,000 cases recorded, according to the Washington Post.”

    1. Indy, don’t you listen to Trump? The coronavirus is going to go away like a thing that goes away! He said more or less exactly that a month or so ago. The eloquence of the man is…well, let’s call it remarkable.

      BTW, I have a friend in the hospital with coronavirus now. He is in his 70’s. It’s the VA, so he is getting excellent treatment. But I can’t visit him. Now I know what that’s like first hand. That is why I boiled over last night.

      1. Sorry about your friend. Meant to post this in the COVID thread, but it is surreal looking back at this movie in the scene at one of these conventions way back in February, and Pence talking about only 14 cases, and how they’re ready for anything.

        Really puts it in perspective, it feels like a decade ago, and just goes to show how horrible Trump and his cronies are.

        1. Thanks, Indy. I hope you don’t have any lingering effects from when you had it?

          2020 feels like forever. It’s 5/6th over, but that still seems like a
          long time to go.

          The VA is giving my friend Remdesivir and plasma with antibodies, so I am hopeful about him. But he sounded better on the phone yesterday than today. I wish it was the other way around.

          I and another close friend of his got tested and we do not have Covid, BTW.

  3. My GF (father full Russian, mother 3/4 Kazakh, born in Alma Ata) can sing the anthem from memory – “Kazakhstan greatest nation in the world, all other countries are run by little girls…” .

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