Mitch McConnell is decomposing while still alive

Perhaps his deal with Satan has reached the expiration date?

25 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell is decomposing while still alive

  1. Perhaps he actually injected disinfectant. Certainly doesn’t look like the hands of someone who should stand upright while wearing a suit.

  2. Commenters on FARK are suggesting this results from some treatment involving a blood thinner. Of course, that is just a guess, but it’s the only one that does not involve supernatural forces.

  3. You can see that with blood thinners, but also with medications that long-term can make the skin fragile like corticosteroids (e.g., dexamethasone, on3 the of drugs Trump got for COVID). You can also see that if somebody was having a hard time putting an i.v. in.

    1. Sure. His work in this world is done. He has screwed up the Federal Judiciary for the next 50 years or so, not to mention disgracing himself, his party, and his country by his refusal to convict Trump in the impeachment trial. I’m sure he’s got a lifetime of similar achievements to look back on.

      1. He’s a conservative hero for what he’s done for the courts. Sorry you feel he “screwed up the federal judiciary”. Nobody likes losing.

        1. Perfect counter example to people who say that the evil in the republican party was started by Trump instead of him being the result of it. Thank you.

          1. Voting something through Congress IS changing the laws. If it’s legal to put it though Congress, then what’s the problem?

        2. If power makes right then, you should have no problem then when the next progressive gets in office to appoint 5 more judges and let them in.

          Then grant mass amnesty and citizenship rights for all undocumented immigrants with immediate voting rights.

          And throw in statehood for at least the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, to add upwards of 4 to 8 Senators in Congress, in which statehood can only be revoked by states needing a significant majority to remove from the union.

          The great thing is, conservatives have been spending the last twelve years ratfucking the system with essentially every dirty trick that can play, but they’re playing with a losing deck that with only so many cards to play. Biden won’t be the guy to do any of those things, but the standard has been set – win by any means necessary by brute forcing the system.

          In the end, your ‘hero’ set the house of cards that will fall, and all it would take would be those measures passed by a majority of Congress by killing the filibuster to make sure Republican never control the branches of government again under the current platform.

          1. Those are the kinds of things I would advise the Democrats to do if they hired me as a consultant. My guess is that they will accomplish few of them because they are wimps, and also are not capable of acting without shame, Republican style.

            The one thing I think they might actually do is to pass statehood for Puerto Rico and D.C., assuming they get control of the senate in this year’s election. I think their base will demand that.

          2. and that would likely increase the polarization in the US to the breaking point…good thing the Dems didn’t hire you.

          3. Wait – The Republicans haven’t ALREADY divided America to the breaking point? It’s standing up to them, or giving them a taste of their own medicine that will do that?

            If we have to tiptoe around them for fear of arousing their wrath, and let all their past injustices stand, then in what sense will they not still be running the country?

            I don’t think pandering to them any longer is going to help. That is why some people, who shall remain nameless, call the Democrats “wimps”. We need to be done with that.

          4. Apparently it’s always the left’s problem to stop ‘polarization’ and let the right do fuck all they want.

            When we’re looking at a Mad Max wasteland in the next 50 years and acceleration of what’s already half the world’s wealth accumulated by a few hundred people, I’m not exactly concerned with trying to hope the GOP has a soul anymore. They’ve spent the last four years proving they don’t give a shit.

          5. First off, it was Harry Reid who killed the filibuster for federal judges. If there is a judicial “Cold War” then he started it.

            Also, I’m not sure about “dirty tricks”. The president gets to nominate Supreme Court candidates and the senate gets to decide if they are confirmed or not. The senate was controlled by the gop and refused to look at garland. Too bad. And now they control the senate and are putting in originalists. Too bad. Get the presidency and the senate and you can do the same.

            Conservatives are not the ones ignoring the laws, ignoring illegal immigration, ignoring lawlessness, ignoring quality of life policing. Liberals are the ones who defy the law, who practice “dirty tricks”, who resist the process, because in their minds, “the ends always justify the means”. If you don’t like the laws, then change them if you can. But you don’t get to ignore them because you don’t agree with them. Liberals can justify any action because they believe they are “on the right side of history” or hold the “moral high ground”. Just because it makes you feel warm and fuzzy doesn’t make you right.

            You can’t get the Supreme Court you want, so you change the rules. You can’t get the amnesty for illegal aliens so you change the rules. You aren’t Che Guevara. Stop pretending to be.

          6. “Passing new laws” is not the same as “changing the rules,” but even if it were, the rules obviously need to be changed. We have a US Senate where the majority of senators represent an ever-shrinking minority of Americans. We have a Supreme Court where the majority of justices have been nominated by men who lost the popular vote – therefore opposed to the will of most voting Americans. As a result, we have national policies opposed by a majority of Americans, often a vast majority. Americans want tighter gun control, a public option, and the same freedom to choose a safe abortion that exists in modern, developed nations.

            Of course Americans don’t agree with some of the far-left’s ideas, which are are even flakier than the far-right’s, but that’s increasingly irrelevant because the far left doesn’t control the Democratic party, while the far right does control the Republicans, so there is no equivalence.

            But, as you pointed out, “get the Presidency and the Senate and you can do the same.” I think that the Dems will start to exercise the power with a heavy hand if they get it.

          7. The laws, the laws, the laws! Law and order! Did God come down these unchangeable laws that you refer to as if they were never invented at some point in the first place?

            That’s what its all about? Acting like if you don’t like the laws change them, is hilarious coming from the party of the ‘Southern Strategy’ and gerrymandering. Republicans have literally been changing every law possible to rewrite maps of districts into incoherence to get the most seats in their favor to warp the actual representation of the voting populace. So please, lets not act like the Republican’s haven’t been the masters of changing the laws.

            I would rather have a hard working ‘illegal’ here Steverino, than you, you entitled prick. If it were me, I would ship your ass off to Central American for a month or two to get a feel for it. Congrats, you were born in the right country, that makes you better than someone else.

            You want to have your cake and eat it too. You expect protection and safety from the state, yet can’t give people a living wage when half the God damned wealth in the world is hoarding by a couple hundred people. People like you are fucked in the head on priorities. But lets bitch a little more because some Mexican is making $5 an hour here doing a job you think you’re above, while Jeff Bezos sits on his ass and becomes a trillionaire.

            Trump’s losing, and deal with it prick. Whatever happens to people like you, you definitely have earned it.

          8. Indy, your generalizations are ridiculous. The party of “southern strategy” and “gerrymandering”? I’m a libertarian Jewish New Yorker.

            However you’d rather have an illegal here than me? I’m an American citizen, just like you. That illegal is looking for acceptance into our society. That’s a decision that you and I should be making within the confines of the law. There isn’t a “right” vs “wrong”. We have opposing perspectives but before we allow an individual into our society, we should have a mutually agreed upon process. We live in a society of laws. You don’t like the laws, then change them.

          9. naw ….Steverino, at best, you’re an imbecile…and you’ve clearly used up your nonsense quota. The US is far from a society of laws…e.g. see the President or the corrupt US criminal justice system. If I’m wealthy and guilty I would want to be tried in the US, if I’m poor and innocent give me western Europe any day.

  4. Steverino bleated: “Indy, your generalizations are ridiculous. The party of “southern strategy” and “gerrymandering”? I’m a libertarian Jewish New Yorker.”

    A) Wait, Steverino is Jewish now? He’s claimed the New York thing countless times, the libertarian thing pretty often, but Jewish is new.

    I guess it’s supposed to give him extra credibility somehow, but he already blew any chance of that by claiming that being a libertarian forced him to vote for Trump. See, that might make sense if Trump and the Republicans actually were conservatives, because libertarians pretend that conservatism is better than socialism when it comes to individual rights. (They always ignore opposition to abortions and gay marriage and civil rights for minorities when it comes to that.)

    But Trump and the Republicans are NOT conservatives. They are in favor of oligarchy, of allowing the wealthy to be the actual rulers of the nation, with all policies favoring their interests. No actual libertarian could support that.

    (BTW, that is also why Steverino’s support of Republican court-packing is also inconsistent with his stated beliefs. Oligarchical judges are not going to further the cause of individual rights; they will overturn Roe v. Wade and further the cause of Halliburton and Goldman Sachs.)

    B) Steverino is trying to pretend there was no such thing as the Southern Strategy in the Republican Party? And they have not used gerrymandering without limit to maximize their number of seats in Congress and in state legislatures? Steverino thinks we are as stupid as Trump supporters. I am insulted.

    C) It is obvious to me, then, that Steverino is also lying about what he is, and probably who he is. No one else here continually mentions where they live, or that they are an American citizen, as Steverino does. I personally do not think he is either one.

    D) Therefore, I do not see any point in addressing him directly. It is valuable to refute his claims, of course. But why talk to someone who only comes here to lie and do what damage he can to America?

    Heck, that would be true if he was a Libertarian rabbi from Queens whose family came here on the Mayflower. At the end of the day, he would still be a Trump supporter. And they hate America, and want to tear it down and build a bigger and better Third Reich.

  5. I’m reading a book called “Why Gorbachev Happened” written by Robert Kaiser, a then leading U.S Soviet expert freelance journalist (sometimes at that time referred to as a Kremlinologist.) This book came out in late 1990 shortly before the 1991 Politburo coup against Gorbachev that led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

    Interesting timing for the book to be published. Had the coup happened first, the publisher might have told the author to scrap the book.

    Anyway, one of Gorbachev’s key allies and the leading intellectual theorist on the Politburo in the opening up of Soviet Society (Glasnost) and the restructuring of Soviet Society (Perestroika) was a man named Alexander Yakovlev.

    Yakovlev was unusual in the Politburo for having lived outside the Soviet Union for a number of years (on official business.)

    He was obviously a believer in the ideas of freedom and democracy, but he was also very cynical of the boasting of America and Americans in their freedom and democracy.

    I made the point earlier about how much of what is considered a ‘freedom’ is just convention. It’s freedom to not have to wear a mask in public during the time of a pandemic, but it’s wrong to have sex in public?

    How are these things decided? Sex in public certainly would be unconventional, but that’s kind of my point: who would it hurt, especially relative to refusing to wear a mask? There really isn’t much logic to these conventions.

    Anyway, this is what wrote in a book published in 1984. (32 years before Trump was elected President.)

    “The U.S is a nation governed more by deception and demagoguery than by conviction, more by force than by law, more by deadening habits and traditions than by respect for and interest in whatever is new, more by hatred, suspicion and intolerance than by the ability to recognize there may be another way of life and thought.”

  6. “The U.S is a nation governed more by deception and demagoguery than by conviction, more by force than by law, more by deadening habits and traditions than by respect for and interest in whatever is new, more by hatred, suspicion and intolerance than by the ability to recognize there may be another way of life and thought.”

    Yakovlev? Substantially mirrors my view of the US as a foreigner.

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