Rose Byrne naked in “The Goddess of 1967” (2000 film)

One thought on “Rose Byrne naked in “The Goddess of 1967” (2000 film)

  1. Ok, this film was set in a year I remember. That year was 33 before it was made. The film is now 20 years old, and people will are probably nostalgic about that time already. How long will it before this post is remnant of a faded past? 10 years? I might be able to see that. I wonder if there are any flashbacks in the film that take place in the 1950’s? That would add another layer, but I really don’t remember the 50’s directly.

    Getting old creates all these weird perspectives. Being 80 or 90 with a good memory must be so strange. The outrageous becomes commonplace, and vice versa.

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