Rudy Giuliani Posts Footage of Himself Mocking Asians

Funny guy, awesome accent. Meryl Streep, step aside.

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  1. Just curious, but why do you read comments and replies to comments you don’t want to read? Or are you referring to articles UncleScoopy posts links to that are unflattering to President Trump? Do you mean those articles are false, and therefore libtard bullshit? Because then I think you have a problem with reality in general, and not with UncleScoopy in particular, but that just my opinion.

      1. The bot hit the post comment a little early condemning my post

        BTW, whats the latest with Biden?

      2. Hit post button a little early anticipating my comment.

        Whats new in world of censorship? How’s Biden?

    1. My post of 10/15/20 at 6:00pm was a reply to someone named “who cares”, whose post is no longer here. (He was complaining out the “stupid libtard shit” on this website.) Neither is UncleScoopy’s reply to him. Maybe he turned out to be someone’s sock puppet.

  2. OK, I’m not clicking to see that. But idle curiosity – anyone, would you say lil Rudy is as good as Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

  3. I first became aware of Rudy when he was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. I thought at the time he was a bit of a publicity hound. I have vague recollections of pictures of him going “under cover” with Sen. Al Damato in the newspapers. He ran for mayor against David Dinkins and lost by a whisker. Crime in NYC that had been bad since the 1960s got much worse. Rudy ran again and 2 weeks before the election I made dinner for him, his son and some aides. (He came into the pizzeria where I worked). This time he won by a whisker. I don’t think my pizza made the difference though.

    What he accomplished during his 8 years as mayor was nothing short of a miracle. The city that had been described as ungovernable was governable again. Crime didn’t fall it plummeted. He cleaned up Times Square. He got rid of the squeegee men. He got the mob out of the Fulton Fish Market something that had been seen as impossible. He accomplished all that in part by being a bully. But he couldn’t have accomplished all he did otherwise. My only real issue with him as mayor was his attempts to censor bus advertisements for a magazine with an anti-Giuliani cover story. Oh and he tried to close a museum showing art he thought was offensive. But other than his lack of respect for the 1st Amendment (something NYC judges corrected) he was truly a great mayor. Then 9/11 made him America’s mayor. If only he had retired from public life then.

    He had been a socially liberal, law and order, fiscally conservative mayor. But that all changed when he decided to run for president and he tried to reinvent himself to appeal to the Republican base. It wasn’t pretty, but it was forgettable. But then he started acting as a lawyer for Trump, going on cable news shows trying to defend Trump and often making it worse. Trump was bad enough by himself he didn’t need worse. But it became clear he would say anything he thought would help Trump and completely destroyed his well earned good reputation. It really is sad. That’s why I have no desire to watch a video of him mocking Asians. The Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene makes me cringe, why would I want to watch Rudy imitate Mickey Rooney?

  4. Wait till you see the pictures of Don Jr asleep with a crack pipe…oh wait, never mind, that was Hunter.

    Now, Chanel Rion is reporting that there are “underage obsessions” on Hunter’s laptop. At this rate, I don’t know how long Harris can keep Biden on as her running mate.

    What I do know, is Rudy’s asian accent isn’t going to distract people from what the Bidens are up to, and the MSM & Twitter, etc covering for them makes it look worse.

    1. Trying to do whataboutism when you support the biggest Brady bunch of fuckups in US history. You literally have Trump and his family funneling money into their accounts off of government welfare that taxpayers pay, and people like Brobonk are too busy with Trump’s mushroom shaped dick in their mouth to care.

      It’s honestly just hilarious and sad this is the best the GOP has. Don’t vote for Biden because his son is a fuck up! Vote for Trump because you have an entire family of competent fuck ups!

      The emails thing is hilarious, trying to recapture that 2016 magic that isn’t there. Two and a half weeks and this Ponzi scheme of a family is on the way out. And his cult can find something better to do that get on their knees to the orange man every day.

      1. Indy, I apologize for quibbling, but personally, I think of Trump’s family as INcompetent fuck ups. Or do you mean that they are very competent AS fuck ups? As I said, sorry for nitpicking, but, unlike the Bonker, I value accuracy.

        1. Incompetent, that was a typo, but I realized either work. 😛

          They are really good at what they do .. which is being fuck ups.

    2. What does all that have to do with Joe? Hunter is a saint and a genius compared to Trump’s idiot older sons, but why should we care about any of them? They are not in power.

      Ivanka and Jared are fair game because I’m paying their salaries, but the Biden and Trump sons are just a collection of bumbling ne’er-do-wells and not matters of public interest, except as celebrity gossip.

      1. I am glad someone pointed this out, UncleScoopy. I don’t like replying to the Bonker myself. IMO, getting any kind of response just encourages him, but his lies do need to be refuted. I think you will wait in vain for any cogent answer to your questions, but I doubt your hopes were very high, either.

  5. Don Jr. was known as “piss Donnie” at his UPenn frat. He would get so drink he couldn’t find his own room, would go into someone else’s, flop on the bed, and pee all over the place.
    Your 2024 candidate I presume – if there are any Trumps left in the country by then.
    Chanel Rion – now there’s a source. Alex Jones wasn’t available?

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