The President and First Lady have the Coronavirus


They have now been joined by Kellyanne Conway, Chris Christie, the chairperson of the RNC, Trump’s campaign manager and three Republican senators.

53 thoughts on “The President and First Lady have the Coronavirus

  1. And the moron just decided to joyride inside of a motorcade sealed against chemical attack, to put his Secret Service agents at risk of transmission while he has COVID. All for a photo op. Nothing but an idiot POS that doesn’t get it, and never will.

  2. Uncle Scoopy said: “Update: They have now been joined by the chairperson of the RNC, Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, Chris Christie and three Republican senators.”

    Trump has found something else he’s good at!

  3. Looks like the moron released a video, which I’m not going to bother to watch. I hope at the very least this shut him up for about a weeks time and maybe scared the shit out of him enough to keep away from people until he loses the election.

    Him and his idiotic White House staff put a ton of media and responsible people in danger over their conspiracy bullshit.

  4. Glad Trump is enjoying that socialized medicine he’s only paid $750 for. Tens of thousands of dollars of healthcare that would otherwise put a normal family out on the street, all for free.

    Once again, socialism for the rich is fine, even if it’s a lazy, fat fuck who put in himself in this position by sitting on his ass, eating fast food, and watching FOX News on loop all of his life.

    Lets hear more about the bill the taxpayers are paying on this one conservatives and ‘personal responsibility’ lectures.

    1. America is socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor. That’s what government for and by the money gets you.

  5. Unfortunately Sen.”Vindictive Vindman” Blackburn and Laura Ingraham both seem to have skated. A nonlethal but uncomfortable dose would have been appropriate for both of those maskscoffers.

  6. Given Trump’s access to the antibody treatment, the odds are that he will be just fine, unlike those 200k+ who died and those now with long term health problems.

  7. Bill Deecee, I am shocked that you do not attribute Ted Cruz’s attitude toward Trump to pure Christian forgiveness and stalwart duty to the nation at any personal cost. I am sorry it has come to this, but if you were here at the moment, I would look askance at you. While nodding in agreement, to be sure, but also askance-looking.

  8. Cruz? The yoyo who damn near tanked our national credit (it was the closest call we’ve ever had there)? Who sucks up to a man who called his wife a dog and had his old man helping kill JFK? Wow.

  9. Wow. I’ve been a member here for a lot of years. Maybe 20 or more. I love Scoop but am a Trump supporter only cuz Cruz didn’t win. Voted third party or Dem until I lost my healthcare under Obama’s second term. I’ve let the politics go cuz I love the page but maybe it’s time to cancel my membership. I just wanna see celebrity tits. I’m tired of the lectures

    1. Hiya, Mickey!

      A) Could I ask why you read the lectures if you don’t like them? It’s easy not to. I frequent forums about guns and hunting where I just don’t read the sub-forums where people say stuff I can’t stand. The other sub-forums are fine. Have you tried getting a new mouse or touchscreen? (JK!)

      B) You’re a Trump supporter. Would you want to tell us why? Honestly, that’s a thing a lot of don’t understand. You would be doing us, Donald Trump, and the party of Ted Cruz a favor.

      C) “Cancel my membership.” I am confused. Are you a member of the Fun House? I am not, I just read Other Crap. I did not know the current event/political posts were in the Fun House.

      Thanks in advance!

      1. Thick skins help around here. I’ve been called a snake and told I have a small and scared brain. And am a fan of pussies in a Prius. Still here. Maybe Mikey went full Bragadin (got flayed) at some point. That would explain.

  10. Well, at least now Trump doesn’t have to “debate” Biden any more. Biden may not be a great man, but for Trump, letting people compare him directly with an ordinary decent person is very, very bad.

    Also, nobody is talking about Trump’s tax returns and the ghastly mess they reveal his personal finances to be, or how he called dead US servicemen “losers and suckers”, and Republican hypocrisy about replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a New York minute, or ongoing Republican voter suppression efforts, and…could some list the most recent 20 or 30 awful things Trump and his cohorts have said and/or done? I am tired.

  11. another swell guy, my state senator Mike Lee also just tested positive after being at the White House.

  12. “But it’s very, very hard when you are with people from the military or for law enforcement, and they come over to you, and they want to hug you, and they want to kiss you, because we really have done a good job for them,” Trump said. “And you get close, and things happen.”
    We are talking one sick narcissist here.

    1. What’s terrifying and/or hilarious is that I genuinely can’t tell if that’s a real quote or satire.

  13. So many morally outraged Trump supporters today calling for compassion. Where was your compassion a couple nights ago when Trump mocked someone for wearing a mask and then took some jabs at his kid for good measure? If you’re gonna call people out for being pieces of shit, best try not stepping in the steaming pile that’s been sitting in the Oval Office first.

    1. Irony asking for compassion when they’re out there cheering for people to get shot, backing neo-Nazis, didn’t give a shit it was infecting everyone except himself, and the millions of other miserable things he’s caused harm to people over.

      Really though, at this point I expect it to be a false positive or no symptoms. The dude is like Palpatine – evil doesn’t go that easily. Then he’ll spend his last days in office telling everyone it’s nothing.

    2. Don’t forget his overwhelming compassion when Mitt Romney tested positive — “Gee, that’s too bad” (said sarcastically).

      Yeah, think I’ll save my compassion for pretty much anyone else.

      1. Wow, I had forgotten about that, Kevin. Thanks for the reminder. It is good to remember how much Trump deserves this.

    3. I’m not going to pretend to like the fucker cos he got sick. If he’d resign and stay the hell off my TV that would be enough.

  14. Assuming it’s not a lie — and with Trump you can’t ever rule that out — I’m positively elated at the news. Every now and then karma really does seem to exist, and I can’t think of anyone more richly deserving of the virus than him. I hope it’s *terrible*.

    1. I love seeing reactions like this. It’ll guarantee Trump gets re-elected. Trump supporters everywhere thank you for being a piece of shit.

      1. My comment at 538 from @ an hr after news broke …

        Any Trump supporter “trying” to give a lecture on compassion is indeed the height of hypocrisy! Putting immigrant children in cages notwithstanding …


        Just adding this will effect Trump more negatively, if possible, his total incompetence/lack of concern re: covid-19 since day 1 of the crisis. Less than a week ago Trump was mocking Biden for wearing a mask! 😮 Trump will probably lose by a bigger margin now.

      2. But the virus doesn’t exist, it’s a hoax ,and doesn’t effect anyone. So what are you worried about?

      3. The only thing that’ll guarantee Trump getting elected is even more blatant attempts at voter suppression. Abbott’s recent fuckery in Texan ballot dropoffs for example. That’s why I can’ trust the polls. The polling is correct but polls aren’t elections.

        I don’t actually want Trump to die from this. I really don’t. Dead men can’t go to prison. A couple weeks of pain is a little bit of karmic justice

      4. You’re precious. Sorry, but a guy who ignored every warning he received about the coming pandemic and ignored them all, and has subsequently spent the last seven months doing everything he can to sabotage any sane mitigation efforts receives zero sympathy from me. He’s reaping what he’s sown, and I refuse to feel pity for that. But hey, have another gulp of Kool-Aid.

        And while I’m flattered that you think I influence the electorate to such a great degree, that’s a fairly silly thing to say.

      5. The previous responses here don’t even fully encompass the cynicism and hypocrisy of Brobonk’s sanctimonious post.

        We heard this in Melania Trump’s phone call (for those who heard them), we hear this frequently from Donald Trump, and we saw this in the clearly orchestrated way that the entire Trump family attending the debate took off their masks in unison. These are not only callous, selfish and greedy people, this entire evil family goes out of its way to be publicly callous, selfish and greedy all in some attempt to ‘own the libs’ and Trump’s deplorable supporters love him and his family for it.

        Let that be clear: the only person Brobonk cares about here is Donald Trump. He does not care about the United States or its citizens in the slightest. Brobonk is as pure evil as his hero Trump.

        So, that I and others respond to this news of Trump after his years of not just a lack of compassion, but a deliberate lack of compassion, in kind, should absolutely be expected. Donald Trump is pure evil and if there is any justice at all, he will die from this virus.

        1. The Bonk is a gullible ignorant QAnon dimwit. But “pure evil”, c’mon!
          Actually, I don’t want to see a dead martyr Trump, as much as he deserves to croak. I want to see someone who’s still so physically subpar by November that he isn’t up to pulling off any of the coup shit he’s been contemplating. And is barely in good enough shape to flee the country after Election Day, whether to Brazil or Russia.

          1. 1.Brobonk is either evil, stupid or loony.

            2.There are plenty of others in this criminal Administration who can be charged for crimes, and without their protector Trump around, it likely becomes easier to charge them. They don’t have any Department of Justice memo protecting them from being criminally charged at any time.

            I don’t need to see the don at the top personally go to jail to get justice.

        1. To Adam:
          I don’t think he’s going to jail in any case because I think the resignation/Pence pardon is likely. But it would be fun to see him get literally lawsuit-ed to death if he stays.
          The two scenarios which scare me are:
          1. he loses, claims fraud, and actually tries some sort of coup, or
          2. he flees to Moscow, with maybe a handful of Congress creatures, Barr, and Giuliani, claims the election was fraudulent, and gets Putin’s assistance to declare that he is the true government in exile. The Russians have been in the creating puppet govts. business for a long time (ask the Poles). And I can see a lot of Americans (including the Bonk) eating up that shit with a spoon.

      6. Thanks everyone for the follow up.

        The bonk has a point, shouldn’t wish evil on anyone.

        You see how that works? A person calls you out for something amiss, you hear their position, you move on.

        Maybe you could tell the clown you worship that this is how civil people behave, rather than lie, continue the lie and then attack the people who expose your lie.

        2 faced is not harsh enough… Hypocrite may be better…
        Sanctimonious piece of shit is probably closer to the truth.

        If the Dump had read any part of that Bible he was waving around after gassing and forcebly moving on quiet protesters, he may have read something about reaping what he sowed.

        Just a thought.

        1. Greg Mc said “The bonk has a point, shouldn’t wish evil on anyone.”

          How about wishing for justice, or an application of the Golden Rule?

          Also, in reference to Greg’s point about the Bible, A) Trump famously does not read anything that does not mention him personally, and B) Trump thinks he is perfect, has done a wonderful job, and has sowed the streets with gold. He sees this illness, as well as everything else that happens to him as a result of his own arrogance, ignorance, incompetence, and criminality, as utterly unfair. His supporters, BTW, are the same kind of people.

    1. I kinda had the same reaction, but I rejected it because he also has to give up his super-spreader rallies, and I doubt he’d do that voluntarily.

    2. and if he really did not test positive he can keep gaming it as “just a cold” or “no worse than the flu”

    1. indeed…wouldn’t put it past Trump. This was the consensus this morning in the early Financial Times comments.

  15. You know we live in curious times when my first thought was I’m not 100% sure if this is legit or some attempt to game the system.

    1. The natural default is to assume he’s lying. I almost feel sorry for Melania. Almost.

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