Trump debuts his new attack: Biden will follow the science!

Biden, you monster!

Earlier, “President Trump mockingly warned at his rally in Nevada late Sunday that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would ‘listen to the scientists’ if elected.”

Gee, I wonder what happened to countries that did follow the science.

Oh …

“The Chinese economy grew 4.9% between July and September, as China becomes the first major economy to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.”

16 thoughts on “Trump debuts his new attack: Biden will follow the science!

  1. Wow. Just wow. Trump’s capacity to amaze still exists, after four years. I wonder who will still be undecided now? And why?

  2. It’s impossible to figure out whether Trump considers stupidity to be a virtue, or whether he is just playing on the fact that his base thinks that way.

    1. I guess a lot of people just don’t want to be bothered taking precautions or restricting their activities because of the pandemic. They will believe Trump, and those who parrot Trump, because they want to. It is so easy to forget the vast range of human nature.

  3. This seems like too much of a bank-shot strategy for Trump to be capable of executing, but could he be trying to lose? Could he figure that fleecing the rubes is going to be just as easy post-presidency and he won’t have all the meetings and crap he hates?

    1. That would make sense if he’s also banking on there being “Trump fatigue” after the election, with all of the various potential prosecutions being dropped or fading away because of priorities elsewhere (like fixing all of the messes he’s made) .

      1. He may be able to slide out of any federal charges, and his lawyers may be able to get all the sexual assault charges settled quietly, but New York and Manhattan seem to be champing at the bit to get at him.

  4. And he’s already set the stage for pulling out of the debate Thursday. He already insulted the moderator today talking to the press, and his henchmen sent a letter whining about the moderator using a mute mic button and the debate not being about the right subject matter.

    Hope he pulls out and keeps running his mouth all the way up to election day. He can keep having rallies for his braindead cult all the way up until he’s out of office.

    1. Why would he stop then? He’ll ask them for funds for his legal challenge to the election results, which will somehow never be filed (on which he won’t spend more than about fifty bucks).

      1. I’m sure he’ll keep going, but he will have to use his own dime to do it now instead of government welfare for his travel and security. More likely he’ll charge his cult and get every penny out of them, which is fine with me.

        Also, the debate rules do have mute buttons so candidates can have 2 minutes interrupted. It’s almost assured Trump will pull out of the debate now.

        A little over two weeks and he’s done.

  5. I’ve seen this before

    A person starts w/ a certain position. In this case Trump is starting w/ the position that he is smarter than scientists, and that Fauci is wrong

    Then that person builds arguments off of that position, w/out realizing how those arguments sound to anyone who doesn’t agree w/ the basic position in the first place

    It’s like saying homosexuality is evil because God is against it to an audience of atheists

    1. I would say that Trump thinks that placing regard for science, objective truth, and human life over supporting him is an act of disloyalty to him. And the quality that Trump values most in other people, and the one that determines whether they are an enemy or not, is loyalty to him over any other principle. Fauci is a real scientist, therefore he is not loyal to Trump above all else, therefore as long as Fauci is a public figure, he is an enemy as far as Trump is concerned.

      Trump wants to pretend that the pandemic is trivial and has been blown all out of proportion by the “fake news” media. He has always wanted to, so that he can pretend nothing bad has happened while he has been President.

      A lot of individuals want to believe that too, some for reasons of profit, and some simply because they want to do whatever they want without restriction. If a person is greedy or childish, and those qualities control their political choices, then Trump is their guy.

      1. His cult is fucking nuts. A survey came out that half of them believe this qAnon stuff, that initially started as an internet troll on 4chan.

        His cult is already insane, but when you actually hear some of this stuff, part of me believe they’re just high functioning schizophrenics.

        There’s no rationalizing with these people. It’s something out of Orwell’s 1984.

  6. Add bunker bitch storming off of a 60 Minutes interview today, this should be interesting when it airs:. From Kaitlan Collins, a CNN White House correspondent:

    “Apparently there was some drama while President Trump was taping his 60 Minutes interview today. He abruptly ended his solo interview after around 45 minutes & did not return for a scheduled walk & talk he was supposed to tape with Pence, @abdallahcnn and I are told by sources.”

    He’s imploding on himself, I’m surprised he’s showing up for the debate, and would not be surprised if the poor snowflake doesn’t wobble his way off stage when he doesn’t get to yell whatever he wants whenever he wants over everyone else.

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