That was good, right? Almost anything can be viewed as a success if expectations are modest.

Not only did the Jets score no TDs, but they didn’t even get it close for their kicker, who had to nail one from 55 yards. That marks the fourth consecutive game in which they have scored 10 or fewer. The Jets-Chiefs game wasn’t a fair match-up, but it was a chance for Mahomes to pad his stats. He passed for 416 yards and 5 TDs, with no sacks or picks – and he didn’t even play the whole game.

Elsewhere …

The Steelers stayed undefeated with a second-half comeback against the tough Ravens.

After missing the previous two games, Dalvin Cook single-handedly defeated the Pack. He rushed for 163 yards and the team’s three rushing TDs, and also caught the team’s only touchdown pass! Hope you had him on your fantasy team because that day he WAS a fantasy team (and a reality team as well, as the Packers see it).


In a forgotten 1994 erotic thriller, Blood Run.

This film was basically a grade-B, made-for-cable version of Basic Instinct. Does this plot sound familiar to you?

A hot-shot detective with a substance abuse problem is assigned to solve a murder. After he questions a beautiful woman, she becomes the prime suspect in the investigation. Aware of the danger but helplessly drawn to her seductive ways, the detective enters into an affair with her. The maverick cop struggles to keep his cool while the mysterious, bisexual killer lays a deadly trap.

Basic Instinct was one of the highest-grossing films of 1992. It was not only a resounding success, but of all the films released that year, it was probably the most widely discussed and was to become the 1992 film most deeply embedded in pop culture. It’s not surprising that it inspired numerous clones and rip-offs, like this clumsy 1994 effort which was saddled with poor performances and low production values to match its tired script.

Even the trailer was a total cheesefest which completely spoiled the only significant plot point that differed from Basic Instinct. The only redeeming aspect of the trailer, as well as the film itself, is some nudity.

There were plenty of sexy shenanigans from Anna Levine (in the Sharon Stone role) and Stephanie Swinney as her female lover.

Anna Levine

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Stephanie Swinney

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