Remember last week when Dalvin Cook beat the Packers all by himself, scoring all four of his team’s TDs? Well he did even better this week. He “only” had two TDs, but he rushed for 206 yards on only 22 carries. That was more rushing yards for the week than the next two RBs added together! (And he had some receptions as well.) At 5’10” and 210 pounds he doesn’t look fast, but he can really motor. When he crossed the goal line on his 70-yard TD, he was still putting space between himself and his pursuers.

Josh Allen and the Bills showed they are for real by scoring 44 against the tough Seahawks. Well, the offensive line wasn’t so hot as Allen seemed to get sacked about 100 times, but he prevailed, thanks to 415 yards on 31-for-38 accuracy with no picks.

The Eagles are leading their pathetic division with a losing record.

The Steelers and Chiefs kicked ass again.

The Jets had their best Sunday of the year. (They play Monday. There’s an exciting Monday Night match-up: the 2-5 Patriots and the winless Jets. I’d rather binge-watch The Great British Bake Off.)


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We’ll take “recently deceased” for $1000.

This beloved quiz show host has poted his last potable.


Ken Jennings’ tweet says it all: