Alex Trebek cussin’ up a storm

2 thoughts on “Alex Trebek cussin’ up a storm

  1. When Alex Trebek was a game show host in Canada, he had a reputation for occasionally being brusque with the contestants, depending on the game show he was hosting.

    He had something of the same reputation with Jeopardy. Jeopardy did a ‘making of’ program wherein Trebek discussed his love of power tools, and his philosophy of hosting the program. He said that in order to remain even handed to all the contestants, on occasion there would be contestants who believed they were being cheated by not being able to buzz in, or who disputed that they gave the wrong answer or whatnot, and the Trebek felt the best way to be even handed was by maintaining discipline.

    Anyway, when Trebek was in Canada, SCTV did a send-up of him by portraying Trebek as the hot-headed Alex Trebel, the host of the game show “Half Wits.”

  2. We truly have lost an American treasure.

    Even if he was Canadian…

    Well, I guess that still counts as North American.

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