Diane Lane young and topless

Diane Lane was 22 when this film was released. I wonder whether there is a pristine print of Lady Beware (1987) out there somewhere. Everything we have seen is rubbish.

And, man, does she look good.

6 thoughts on “Diane Lane young and topless

  1. Diane was very pretty when young, but she aged very well too. She probably had the most beautiful face in the world when she was in her thirties.

    I’m probably biased though because she reminds me a lot of my high school crush, who looked like a cross between Diane and Julia Stiles, but with big tits!

    1. Sonofabitch, looks like someone saved an old VHS copy of the show. Would be nice if those old episodes were digitally available. I remember seeing another with Kate Nelligan that probably wouldn’t air today. Thanks for this

  2. Watching a “Great Performances” episode on PBS in November 1981, I was left in a daze after seeing a young Miss Lane topless on my small tv screen. Given her age at the time and the present climate, needless to say this performance won’t see the light of day anytime soon. But I remember

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