Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe

I was invited to a family event. I declined. It will be me and my daughter.

As Billy Joel noted, we will be “sharing a drink they call loneliness, but it’s better than drinking alone.”

And considerably better than death.

9 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe

  1. Yep, just the three of us, it’s the only thing to do. This year we are thankful for having a pulse.

  2. The cassoulet (unusual years call for unusual eating) and myself, screen time with the girlfriend in Haarlem, and no Stillers-Ratbirds. Which beats the hell
    out of being in the ICU or daisy nutrient.
    The NFL sure did itself proud. Three 3-7 teams, one 4-6.

        1. Thanks, Bill. I am not as quick on the uptake as I once was. (And I still use words like “ditto”.) Enjoy Thanksgiving and look forward to the future.

  3. It’s just my wife and I this year, but as you say, better a lonely thanksgiving than a crowded ICU christmas.

  4. I was disinvited to a family event at the very last minute for Covid so I am spending it alone so I can only feel so sorry for you. Be thankful you have your daughter to spend it with (I mean that, can’t figure out how to word it without sounding snarky).

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