So, in a way, the Cleveland Indians won TWO Cy Youngs

Trevor Bauer and Shane Bieber are friends and were teammates on the Indians last season.

In 2018 the Indians also had two-time Cy Young winner Corey Kluber in the same rotation when the team won the AL Central by 13 games. The Indians, with the wisdom that is theirs alone, got rid of both Bauer and Kluber the next year.

10 thoughts on “So, in a way, the Cleveland Indians won TWO Cy Youngs

  1. One thing’s for sure, Bauer won’t be a Red anymore. They put $130M into Nick Castellanos & Mike Moustakas last year, and are still on the hook for Joey Votto’s endless contract, so paying for a Cy Young winner is not feasible. Bauer, we hardly knew ye.

    1. Mr. Haney:
      How in the world did you not win the NL in 59?
      Aaron, Spahn, Mathews, Felix Mantilla…

      1. I’ve always felt that the Braves of 1956-66 should have won more championships than they did. They were the best team in the baseball in the last five years of baseball’s pre-expansion era (1956-60), with two firsts and three seconds. (In two of those runner-up years they lost the pennant on the final day of the season.) It was a rare time and glorious when the NL beat the AL in 3 of the 5 World Series match-ups, with two of those wins coming against the hated Yankees. Thanks Maz. Thanks Burdette.

        1. That sweep in 63 was even more glorious. Thank you Sandy, Johnny, and Dandy Don.
          “I can see how he won twenty-five games. What I don’t understand is how he lost five.” – Yankees catcher Yogi Berra on Koufax’s 25-5 record in 1963.

  2. Instead of winning his 3rd straight Cy Young, Jacob DeGrom finished 3rd. If the season hadn’t been so short, he might have won again. But that’s something we will never know. The Mets may have had the reigning Cy Young winner next season anyway, since they now have the richest owner in baseball (who didn’t take the 2020 losses of all the other owners). Sandy Alderson did say the other day Trevor Bauer’s “would be a great personality in New York,” and that “he’s the kind of guy that fans would embrace.” But since Marcus Stroman accepted the Mets qualifying offer, they probably won’t pursue Bauer. J.T. Realmuto instead maybe? Then again, maybe they will go after both Bauer and Realmuto while also trading for Francisco Lindor. I am thinking it may be more fun to root for the Steve Cohen owned Mets than the Fred Wilpon owned Mets.

  3. Actually they weren’t dumb. Their only big power hitter Reyes (Ramirez is a little power hitter) came in the 3-way when Bauer left. There is no possibility Bauer was going to stick around once he hit free agency. And the Klubot is now two years removed from a good season and has had 19 & 20 wiped out by injuries.
    Actually one of the smarter organizations over the last 15 years. Had excruciatingly bad luck with injuries in the later 00s and early 10s. Winning seasons the last 8. One slightly mistimed Kipnis swing away from a championship in 16. But can’t find outfielders to save their life since Brantley left.

    1. Horseshit. They have fans who listen devotedly to radio but don’t show up in the park – sort of the way O’s fans were in the 70s before Edward Bennet Williams bought the team and they got scared about a move down the Parkway.
      I probably do more games at the Jake every year than the average Tribe fan. And I live in Washington DC.

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