Trump decides to share his briefs with Biden

… who can fit into one leg.

The Trump White House on Tuesday gave President-elect Biden access to daily presidential intelligence briefings.

5 thoughts on “Trump decides to share his briefs with Biden

  1. I wonder if Trump’s briefs have hearts, swastikas, or hammers-and-sickles on them?

    On second thought, they probably just have “Trump” over and over again. In gold.

  2. I don’t even care if Biden hires a Filipino teenager on Fiver to read them for him; at least they will get read.

  3. In a separate development, the Dept. of Labor announced an increase of unemployment among comic book writers.

  4. You’ve got to feel for the briefers in this case — now they’ve got to prepare *two* separate briefs: one pre-school version and one adult version.

  5. “Finally! We can use words of more than one syllable AND someone might actually read the whole fucking thing.” – brief preparers

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