Donald Trump truly lives in a fact-free world. The Trump of the 60s, Tricky Dick Nixon, won all three in 1960 when he lost to JFK.

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  1. It’s hilarious that the only recent election that was unquestionably tampered with was the one Trump “won”, while in the most secure election in US history he got his ass kicked.

    1. Funnier that “Biden Wins” is the good news. “You’ve got chlamydia.” “You mean I don’t have the syph?!? Woohoo!”

  2. IMHO, the best thing to do with MidCon is to ignore him. He will not admit that facts and truths he does not like are facts and truth, so arguing with him is pointless. You can refute what he says, if you like, but addressing him personally is a waste of time and effort, I think.

    For example, in the paragraph I can see now, he talks about inconsistencies in the 2020 Presidential election that “arose with the process”, whatever that is supposed to mean. Inflated verbiage is typical of people trying to reinforce baseless arguments.

    So the Dems stole the Presidency but forgot to steal the Senate, I guess. The fact that that make no sense at all never seems to make a dent in Trumper’s beliefs, because they are not based on fact or reason, just rage and lies. I think they are working themselves up to a “stab in the back” myth so they can get a Nazi party going.

    1. More crazy right around the corner…

      “This decision will have far reaching ramifications for the future of our constitutional republic,” Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West said in a statement. “Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution.”

  3. There are a lot of people that believe the 1960 election was stolen from Nixon through fraud in Texas (thanks to LBJ) and Illinois (all those dead people voting in Chicago). Nixon supposedly refused to contest the election despite the fraud because he thought contesting it would be bad for the country. What this proves, assuming it’s true (I have no evidence one way or the other), is that Richard Nixon was a paragon of civic minded virtue compared to the Cheetoh and Chief. My mother (a registered Democrat) believed that fraud in the 1960 election may have contributed to the Watergate burglary by making Nixon paranoid about having the 1972 election stolen from him. But anyway, the whole thing is just a reminder that Trump is a way way worse president (and person) than Tricky Dicky.

    1. I agree about Trump and Nixon. Nixon did not spend weeks after the 1960 election trying to overturn it, because he actually cared, in his way, about the United States. Trump cares only about Trump.

  4. Continuing MC’s inane deflections theme ~ Trump’s daddy pretty much kept donny afloat his entire life …

    “Donald Trump received at least $413 million (2018 prices) from his father’s business empire”

    Hired someone to take SAT’s ~ bogus doctor kept him out of Vietnam war.

    Failed corporations/bankruptcies yada yada yada

    Repeating, how does one lose $100 million in the Clinton economic boom yrs of the ’90s?

    Indeed, donny will be missed! 😛

    Yielding back the balance of my time …

    1. Trump’s sister (as quoted by Trump’s niece in the book) must have misremembered that SAT fact.

      Besides the fact that her dates don’t synch up with reality (people do not take the SATs after sophomore year of college), we also know that Wharton’s acceptance rate was very high then, so Trump would not have needed good SATs to transfer in, even if he didn’t already have a guaranteed in with the admissions officer.

      We also know that Trump asked Michael Cohen to write a threatening (unnecessary) letter to the CEEB about the dire consequences of releasing Trump’s SAT scores. I think we all know that if Trump had genius-level SATs, as taken by some poindexter acting as his surrogate, he would not be hiding that fact.

      Plus Trump never even met that guy who supposedly took Trump’s SATs until after he transferred to Wharton.

      The details simply don’t add up.

      My guess is that Trump asked that guy to take some test for him at Penn (they were classmates there), his sister got wind of it somehow, and she (mis)remembered it as the SATs.

    2. In response to shiloh’s remark about Trump losing $100 million during the Clinton boom, I was going to write about Trump not being as smart as he thinks he is because he is not really smart at all, not at business anyway.

      But that doesn’t matter anymore. What matters now is the poison he has brought to the surface in the US, whereby people utterly refuse to believe the truth if they are told not to by right wing liars. Where they prefer hate to democracy, and are working themselves up to start shooting if they don’t get whatever it is they want (actually, what the billionaires who own the right wing media want) at some point in the future.

      Apparently THIS is how capitalism destroys itself, in a way, or at least destroys democracy for its own benefit. What a legacy for conservatives, to have become the tool for ending the Constitution. Yes, I know Trump is no kind of conservative, but ever since FDR, maybe ever since US Grant, conservative has equaled “servant of big money.” This is where that road has led.

    1. Ours? I want no part of him. You can have my share, Nature Mom.

      No, wait, I like you. Brobonk can have him.

        1. Nah its all a conspiracy, you’re right. Rural country bumpkins got it all figured out, it’s everyone else who are buying elections with the elites for decades, not the conservatives who actually put the shit into policy to funnel all the money upwards with welfare for the rich and ridiculous tax breaks like Trump put into law for corporate welfare.

          Decades and decades of brainwashing that it’s always the ‘other guy’, when it’s been the union busting, big business corporate welfare, pro non-US money funneling Foxconn-esque disaster deals of conservatives that have been making the country a shithole for anyone except the ultra wealthy.

          Why have any intelligence though when you can just have an ignorant opinion without putting in the work of determining fact? As long as someone ‘tells it like it is’, forget the fact that it’s the conservatives giving tax breaks to corporations that outsource to China causing their own grief. Just turn that pet rock of a brain off and let some dope spew a bunch of bullshit because he talks simple, so it must be true!

          Whether it’s Jeff Bezos, Jeff Soros, the Koch brothers, big oil, or big tech – it was Donald Trump and the conservatives who pushed through and KEEP pushing to funnel the money to gigantic corporations to control wages, union bust, and destroy small businesses through the 2017 tax cuts and the total shitshow of allowing COVID funding to funnel towards the same damn mega corporate welfare system. Remember that next time you want to bitch about who is buying what here.

          1. So you are referring to me as a dope smoking, simpleton, rural country bumpkin whom has read nor understands anything? I am not certain what you are referring to as a pet rock of a brain? Can you elaborate here a little further if you are referring to me when making the accusations and claims?

            Honestly his (JFK) being elected was fantastic for the country given the agenda that he was pushing was very progressive and was truly needed then as it is still today but unfortunately this same ideology more than likely led to his assassination.

            Do you want to discuss/debate Nixon and his foreign policy? Much of this has morphed into the exodus of mfg and production jobs from America that still are killing us today.

            All sides have fv<ked up enough to screw us all over in the name of their own self interest.

            Your response really turned into a personal attack but many of your claims of me really are reflective of your own inability to look at the opinions of others and lash out instead of trying to understand and I don't understand why you always attack vs discuss?

          2. You want to discuss when it comes to the age old ‘my opinion equals your fact’ both sides argument. You know who you voted for, and then you act like it should be a discussion? What is there to discuss?

            The Trump tax cuts in 2017 that the GOP put for that YOU voted for are the policies that help run small businesses out, and funnel that money to giant mergers that cut jobs. Along with stock buybacks so executives can raise the price of their corporate stock options to pull out at a later date. I mean, you voted for that right? What is there to discuss there?

            I’m not a Democrat either, I’ve had my own issues with corporate Democrats, but it’s hilarious how often I hear both sides, discuss ‘opinions’, when the facts are right damn there in policy. You realize the corporations that you VOTED to give tax breaks to are the ones who choose to deal with Foxconn in China right?

            You realize in Wisconsin it was Rand Paul and Donald Trump there praising getting a Foxconn factory in that the state government spend millions in taxpayer money to build roads and infrastructure around, and then Foxconn tried to hire shell employees to game the system for tax breaks right? And even if they did manage to bring whatever minuscule job amount in for whatever reason there, the tax breaks and government spending turns out to be 5-10 times higher just to pay for the job to come in than the actual salary per worker. Conservative incentivizes at work, pay $1 million for a $100,000 while the company bringing jobs back home gets the other $900,000 in overhead. Because making ten $100,000 jobs to do a million different things for the state or federal government would just be socialism, and we can’t have that, right?

            I don’t want to hear the ‘woe is me’ liberals fault line anymore. You’ve voted the way you voted, and if you run a small business or work for one and voted this way, this is exactly what you get. When farmers vote for the good ole GOP and John Deere gets giant tax breaks to monopolize the market and drop proprietary shit directly on their tractors so you can’t even run or repair them without going straight through them, this is EXACTLY the ‘utopia’ you voted for. It’s no one else’s fault because this is exactly what rural conservatives have chosen for themselves, so OWN it.

          3. You go on about a factory in Wisconsin but then admit that the local or state govt made the decision to grant aid to support the development of the factory in question? What is the rambling about?

            I honestly don’t care who anyone votes for but the generalization without consideration is negligent when you claim those or maybe just myself as a simpleton or dope smoking idiot.

            Oversimplification and finger pointing really speaks volumes to your base and belief system.

        2. Yep, that’s the point Trump was making. It went right over some people’s heads. Trump is playing 5D chess against complete simpletons.

          1. So were you playing 6D chess when your master lost like virtually everyone here said he would, when you were saying otherwise the past year?

            Surprised you showed back up, since the cult you’re a part of, runs like a little bitch when you’re confronted with reality. Guess you’ll have to find someone else’s ass to kiss to identify with yourself in the future now, huh? Or maybe put the time you’ve spend the last four years bending over for Trump to put some research and education time in, instead of being an uneducated fool.

          2. Trump might manage to play 1D semi-chess once those pesky pieces with odd movement get taken out.
            A king and nothing else but pawns. That would be his kind of game for sure.

          3. Well, Trump IS playing the equivalent of 5D chess against complete simpletons. You know, his supporters. He’s got them completely hornswoggled, as Brobonk so graphically illustrates. And by the equivalent of 5D chess, I mean that “got your nose” game people play with babies.

            (I got to use “hornswoggled” correctly in a sentence! Another 2020 resolution fulfilled!)

          4. Elections go to the biggest vote-getter, not the whiniest bitch. Fuckstick isn’t playing any sort of chess. He’s playing Count My Elbows, losing, and demanding a trophy.

          1. Hope they burn the rest of their money supporting their cult leader’s legal fund when he’s prosecuted for tax fraud after the election. Give it all to him, hope he runs his cult into ruins with money, because they deserve it.

            Maybe they’ll get a big red T-shirt out of it. “I gave Trump thousands and all I got was a corporate tax break, massive deficits, COVID, and this lousy T-shirt.’

          2. I commend you on your attempt to get a dig on me and I now see who Indy above was referring to in his/her response.

            I am simply making a statement that the legitimacy of his election has been debated for decades

            His election was fantastic for the country as his ideology and beliefs differ greatly from the base the left is operating from today. The alternative in that election created a great deal of damage during the years he spent in office and many of the issues created still haunt us as a country today.

            I told each of you I would admit it if I am wrong on the election fraud but I like many others question many of the inconsistencies that arose with the process. I care to much about our country and wont back down until the issues are explained and corrected. There is no way we should have a software system created in Venezuela with data stored in Germany with the ability to remotely be accessed involved anywhere in our election process here in America.

          3. What inconsistencies and what is different between the statement of work for where the products are created? And where is the evidence and chain of custody for what you are claiming here?

            I’m an engineer, I hear claims about these things Midwest, but yet I don’t see any evidence or actual work effort being put in produce this chain of events as evidence of inconsistencies. What data is stored where, and how? Or are you just reading IT terms you don’t understand?

            The computer you’re on is very likely produced in China, and the motherboard and processors are run through lithography per the manufacturers specifications so no differences are placed. The processor is based off on an architecture, the most widespread for anything is x64/x86 or ARM, and the basic input/output assembly at that level is determined by the manufacturer: Intel, AMD, NVidia, or others. It doesn’t magically appear there and get modified, it’s tied to the direct specs to run the system they designed.

            The operating system is typically Windows, Linux, or Unix based. Any changes in source code from proprietary systems is made by the platform holder – Microsoft for Windows, IBM for Unix, or the open source community approval process for Linux. No one anywhere just drops in a magical piece of code for any system, no matter where it is made, to just do something different.

            Your browser communicates over HTTPS to a DNS server that does name translation from an address to an IP address that routes traffic – eventually to the destination – like this website. The ‘stack’ of servers usually consists of a web server front end, an application server, and a database server at it’s bare minimum. These are all secured through a variety of encrypted protocols based on algorithmic ciphers that power the internet as we know it and have been tried and testing through academic processes with high level mathematicians.

            It’s not trying to big time someone else, but you can’t claim ANY of this stuff based on where things are supposedly made or are stored, because you have no understanding of what it’s all about. And all this information is out there to research and learn on your own if you’re interested in doing so, and get an educated opinion about it. This is why this stupid email server shit a few years ago, which was a horrible information protection breach technologically, but nowhere near ‘conspiracy cover up’ level it as made out to be if you know the underlying basics.

            I mean, the only inconsistencies are just the ignorance in people’s minds to want claim things without actual factual understanding of what they use on a daily basis. Not to mention in elections, there are redundancies built in for accuracy, which is why when these were all counted by hand there was virtually no discrepancy.

            Go out and study it if you think it’s a true inconsistency, I don’t know what to tell you. And if you have the same sense of concern about this, this you should probably have it about the computer you use right now, because the concepts are one in the same. You can’t just claim something in this world based on feeding on your media echo chamber you want to hear and emotions without actual research of underlying systems.

          4. I commend you on your attempt to get a dig on me and I now see who Indy above was referring to in his/her response.

            I am simply making a statement that the legitimacy of his election has been debated for decades

            His election was fantastic for the country as his ideology and beliefs sadly differ greatly from the base the left is operating from today. The alternative in that election created a great deal of damage during his years spent in office and many of the issues created still haunt us as a country today.

            I told each of you I would admit it if I am wrong on the election fraud but I like millions of others question many of the inconsistencies that arose with the process. I care to much about our country and wont back down until the issues are explained and corrected. There is no way we should have a software system created in Venezuela with data stored in Germany with the ability to remotely be accessed involved anywhere in our election process here in America. Nor any of the other issues that are outlined in lawsuits filed.

            How is any part of this related to a conspiracy? I really question those that don’t have any doubt related these items just because their elected officials (kept in office by the same items you are grilling me on) or the MSM say to move on and look the other way or call others that question buffoons. BTW, go back and look at pre-election interviews where liberals questioned the same items that I mentioned above including BO.

          5. The problem with your argument can be summed up in this sentence. “I, like millions of others, question many of the inconsistencies that arose with the process.” You know that I’m not one for the name-calling that sometimes occurs here, but it’s hard for me to believe that anyone could believe that. Y’know, there’s a reason why all of these lawsuits keep getting dismissed. They have no basis. I’ve been digging and digging into these so-called inconsistencies and I haven’t found a single valid one of any significance. Trump’s own election cybersecurity guy said it was the most secure election in the nation’s history (just before Trump fired him for telling the truth – the ultimate sin in Trumpworld). Bill Barr echoed the sentiment in different words. Every so-called example I looked at turned out to be insignificant, an outright lie, a deliberate misrepresentation (“one of our poll observers was denied access”), or a misunderstanding of the process (like the “suitcases full of ballots”). There will always be tiny one-off glitches here and there, but there is ZERO evidence and I mean absolute zero, that the inevitable little errors worked out in Biden’s favor.

            In fact, it’s quite apparent that even Trump realizes the legal effort is absurd. If you examine the situation closely, you’ll see that he is just using his legal appeals as a front for additional fund-raising. just bilking his cult in yet another of his scams. Almost none of those contributions are going to the legal effort, and you can remove the “almost” when it comes to small donations. 100% of the small donations (totaling something like $200 million so far) are actually going to pay off campaign debt and into his leadership PAC. A donor would have to give more than $8,000 before a single penny goes to the account established to finance election challenges, including recounts and lawsuits.

            “Small donors who give to Trump thinking they are financing an ‘official election defense fund’ are in fact helping pay down the Trump campaign’s debt or funding his post-presidential political operation,” said Brendan Fischer, who directs federal regulatory work at the Campaign Legal Center, which supports greater restrictions on money in politics. “The average donor who gives in response to Trump’s appeal for funds to ‘stop the fraud’ likely doesn’t realize that their money is actually retiring Trump’s debt or funding his leadership PAC. Only bigger donors ($8,000 or more) will see ANY portion of their contribution go to dedicated recount or legal funds.”

            So where will that money really go in the long run? Well, scamming is one place where Trump really does know the chess moves. “There’s not really a legal mechanism that would prevent somebody from enriching themselves with the contributions that they receive into their leadership PAC.”

            That’s Trump. He’s the ultimate TV preacher, the rich guy who stays rich off the pennies of the gullible poor. The only difference between him and a TV evangelist is that he substitutes himself for Jesus as the center of his cult.

          6. Again, LIST these inconsistencies and RESEARCH them. What does this even mean?

            “I told each of you I would admit it if I am wrong on the election fraud but I like millions of others question many of the inconsistencies that arose with the process. I care to much about our country and wont back down until the issues are explained and corrected.

            There is no way we should have a software system created in Venezuela with data stored in Germany with the ability to remotely be accessed involved anywhere in our election process here in America. Nor any of the other issues that are outlined in lawsuits filed. ”

            Do you even know how software is created? Virtually every component you use anywhere is outsourced and checked for specifications through a peer review process, and code is run through automated testing for vulnerabilities. Code doesn’t magically go into software because of some ‘red scare’ vigilante agenda or something ridiculous. And what code and information was in Germany? Was it in Cloud computing centers? What data was it? Code for the user interface? Repositories used to utilize libraries that were checked? What WERE they?

            You essentially just pasted the same thing, but this is what I mean when you say ‘discussing opinions’ – explain your evidence and facts!

            You don’t just get to roll out random shit you spewed off of InfoWars or One America News by con artists making millions off of people like you. I keep hearing the same shit, list another country, complain about mainstream media, yet there’s nothing there except willful ignorance of the process. As the garbage you’re getting your information from aren’t taking your money to feed your emotional beliefs to profit off of lies.

            If you really care, do you want information to understand computer systems so you can study them and why all the shit that you’re claiming and all these logical fallacies you’re using are false? Or do you want to spend probably what is your normal routine on garbage from FOX News millionaires and profiteers to get your dopamine fix for your emotional baggage?

          7. The flowchart for the thought process of someone like MidCon is either A or B.

            A) I have decided that thus-and-such is true. Therefore, any “evidence” that would disprove it is false, and any argument against it is invalid, because they have to be if thus-and-such is true, and that is my standard of truth and validity. I will stand firm against any attempt to persuade me, because that is what HEROES do!

            B) I am being paid to promote thus-and-such as true. Therefore I will continue to state it relentlessly, and I will do verbal gymnastics that will help those who want to believe it do so. This will further my paymaster’s ends and keep the checks coming in – both to me and to Trump, in this case.

            I suppose there are any number of other choices, as binary thinking is usually faulty (he may just be a troll, for instance) but those are the two major ones that occur to me now.

            BTW, the chairman of the Texas Republican Party put out a tweet suggesting that Texas and the states that supported its Attorney General’s last-ditch lawsuit to overturn the election results in WI, PA, GA, and MI consider seceding from the US now that the Supreme Court has dismissed it:

            He toned it down later by suggesting that all the OTHER states secede instead, because THEY are not following the Constitution.

            I really have no idea where we are as a country now.

          8. This should give you a clue where the US is….”a Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday found that only 23 percent of registered Republican voters — and slightly less than half of all white men who are registered to vote — said they believed Mr. Biden’s victory was legitimate.”

          9. That’s the power of the President’s bully pulpit, abetted by the right-wing disinformation machine. If you make up a massive lie, and repeat it often enough, many people will believe it.

            One infamous character put it like this:

            “In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

            Another equally disreputable figure worded it with less eloquence:

            “No matter how stupid any idea is, there will be many people who believe it, and even take credit for it.”

        3. JFK’s father was accused, during the 1952 election, of buying the MA Senate seat for his son. JFK diffused those charges brilliantly with humor. During a speech, he told a crowd his father told him he was willing to buy the election, but he would not pay for a landslide!!! That election was relatively close. The landslide was in the 1958 election when he was reelected by the largest margin in MA history.

          1. Kennedy’s famous landslide remark was in 1958. (Specifically March 15, in a speech to the Gridiron Club. Brilliant speech – JFK’s usual amalgam of iconoclastic humor and soaring, inspirational rhetoric. I don’t know whether he was that great at governing, but how that man could talk!) You can find it in JFK’s papers at his presidential library’s online archives.

            JFK’s humor has been remembered as self-deprecating, and sometimes it was, but some of his jokes in that speech were harsh burns, including some aimed at his fellow Democrats. (He got off a beauty at LBJ.)

          2. I wasn’t around for the 52 or 58 election. I was around for the 68 election, barely (I was 10 months old). The best political humor I remember from a politician was (unsurprisingly) Reagan. His response to the debate question about his age was one for the ages. Bob Dole had a wicked sense of humor as well.

            I went to an event at the Albany County Airport in 1988 to listen to some George Bush surrogates give speeches. They were flying to various upstate television markets and giving speeches that would be covered by local news. George W. Bush was one of those surrogates and I found him very personable and very funny. I remember when asked about Dan Quayle he said he was a little nervous about the pick at first because Quayle was younger than he was. I remember a reporter asked a very dumb question (that I can’t recall) but I do remember Bush gave a very funny sarcastic answer. But once he started running for president (though it may have started when he ran for governor) he came across as much more stiff. I have always chalked that up to the effect of his political handlers stressing the importance of sticking to talking points and his desire not to say something spontaneous that would be seen as a gaffe. That was 20 years ago. I think today, the only (relatively) safe humor for a politician (not named Trump) is self deprecating.

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