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  1. I think the Republican Party will try to hold on to ALL its current members, so as not to shrink further. They have a long tradition of expelling moderate or “liberal” Republicans.

    Of course, that means clinging to the Forever-Trumpers, and pretending that Trump was a good president who did nothing to deserve impeaching even now, and saying, as House Minority Leader McCarthy recently did, that we are ALL to blame the riot at the Capitol and attempted coup. (yes, he really did)

    The Republicans in Washington appear to be following that course right now, which is dismaying to me, although I guess it delights the Deplorables. I hope this fails. I hope that Biden makes people wake up to the fact that Trump was utterly incompetent and brutally uncaring. And I hope they realize that places like Fox News lie constantly. I hope that is not like hoping to win the lottery.

  2. Why is the left so outraged by the riot at the Capitol, but not outraged by the Seattle and Portland riots and occupations? Rioters stormed city hall in a washington city yesterday but no outrage and no amateur “sedition hunters”. Is the hypocrisy this blatant? What happened to violence being violence and condemned universally? It’s ok if you agree with the political position of those committing the violence?

    1. The two are not comparable. Not the same ballpark, not even the same sport. Literally trying to overthrow the government and install a dictator v. opposing police brutality. Can you even remember what it feels like not to have your head up your ass?

      1. Not saying I agree with him…but your last sentence makes your argument appear weak. Y you mad tho?

        1. A) Why does his last sentence make his argument appear weak, Radical Centrist?

          B) Why aren’t YOU mad? An armed mob tried to overthrow the US government, and here Steverino is with his false-equivalence bullshit. What kind of person ISN’T angered by that? Steverino 2.0? That is not something to want to be, RC. That’s a down-bound train.

    2. First of all, that’s not correct. People are outraged at all violence. The people on the left and the media have condemned all violent protests and have supported all peaceful ones. I personally condemn any use of violence for protests, even if the cause is noble. (Including the Bellingham rioters)

      That said, you can’t compare the actions of any others to the actions of those who stormed the Capitol. The Capitol Crowd intended to overthrow the US Government, hang Mike Pence, and kidnap or possibly assassinate representatives.

      1. Something does have to be done about the Portland crap. That stuff ceased having any real connection to b.l.m. months ago and has become a Loony Left act-out . You almost have to go get some Gaetz or Woo Woo Woman from Ga. quotes to find bigger drivel than that coming from this bunch of sloganeering white people. Pretty obvious that most of the locals from the mayor on down want their city back but don’t have a clue how to go about it short of Tom Cotton stuff.
        But Left violence (minimal) being comparable to the Capitol insurrection, yeah right. The only example of a policeman having his head bashed in with a fire extinguisher I can recall came from those good Law and Order types two weeks ago ago. Those people need to be spending the rest of their days behind bars w/o any possibility of parole or pardon (get working on that one, lawyers).
        And the underlying causes? Pushing for basic citizens’ rights and equality under the law as opposed to overturning a fair and clean election to keep an authoritarian dimwit in the WH. I know which one I’ll cut some slack.

      2. I’m sorry but that is absolutely ridiculous. This isn’t capture the hill. Capturing the building doesn’t lead to the “overthrow of the us government”. A bunch of drunk morons broke into the Capitol and took selfies. That’s it. A bunch of morons took control of a section of Seattle. This perspective that this was a coup attempt or an attempt to overthrow the government is absolutely insane. The national guard would have cleared the building in an hour if necessary. And I’m sorry but the lives of elected officials are not more important than the lives of people in federal and state buildings in washington and Portland. Get a grip on reality. All of you.

        1. In retrospect, yes. But these boneheads had been carefully primed with this elaborate mythology that there was anything fraudulent about the election, that this was The Storm, that they were going to Stop the “Steal”. Trump was surprised that everyone else wasn’t as enthused as him by the whole clusterfuck. These are just facts. That it didn’t work doesn’t change the initial intent.

        2. Steverino, the people who stormed the Capitol did so in order to murder people. In order to overturn the 2020 election and keep Trump President. It is far more insulting than any name I have ever called you for you to suggest that we don’t know this. What on earth is your purpose here? Simply trolling, or spreading right-wing lies because you believe them? Either way, what a nasty piece of shit you are.

        3. Hey moron, the DC NG was not available for several hours because of a mysterious failure to call them out on the part of the Secretaries of the Army and Defense and their TV-glued boss. DC can’t call them out on their own. “If necessary”?!!
          Armed mob breaks into the Capitol, some looking to kill Congressmen or Pence, all of them looking to pressure Congress into going along with Trump’s demented scheme to steal the election and you have no problem with that? Talking about a grip on reality, the Bonk has a better one than you.

        4. “This perspective that this was a coup attempt or an attempt to overthrow the government is absolutely insane.”

          Not at all, it was an attempt at a coup.
          It was an attempt to kidnap or kill certain lawmakers.
          It was an attempt to overthrow the US Government and install a Trump government in its place.

          All of those are far from insane. They are simply statements of fact, which is the very definition of sanity.

          What was insane was that they thought it would work.

          1. Scoop, I’m a long time fan but this is ridiculous. Who cares about the motivation of these idiots? This is not a coup. This is a riot. At best they would have taken control of the Capitol and then eliminated by law enforcement and national guard. Sitting in pelosis chair doesn’t make the, pelosi.

          2. It was a coup attempt. They thought they could overthrow the elected government and install a Trump government. We grant you that coup had no chance to succeed, but that’s not what they thought. Were they delusional? Yes. Were they stupid? Yes. They had no chance to succeed at anything but some temporary mayhem, but they were in fact trying to install Trump. That is, by definition, an attempted coup. There is no other possible interpretation.

            And, to be honest, they could have done some very awful things if the chambers had not been cleared in time. I cringe to think what they might have done had they trapped Pence, Pelosi or AOC in their web.

          3. “Who cares about the motivation of these idiots?” MOTIVATION is the ONLY thing relevant in determining an “attempted” crime.

            The word “attempt” means: “An act of trying to achieve something, typically one that is unsuccessful”
            The word coup means “the illegal or unconstitutional removal of a government from power.”

            Therefore, if their motivation was to replace the duly elected government from power (which it was), their actions constituted an attempted coup. There isn’t any wriggle-room for debate there. Motivation is not only relevant but necessary to the point, simply because “an action motivated by a desire to replace the legal or constitutional government” is the actual definition of an “attempted coup.”

            We all completely agree with you that they had no chance of succeeding, but that has no bearing on the definition of an “attempted coup.” That just makes it a “stupid attempted coup.”

    3. Wow. Steverino can’t tell the difference between a demonstration that gets out of hand and a coup attempt. Why am I not surprised?

      I think the more interesting question is, why is Steverino here doing this? I am out of ideas? Troll? Paid troll? True believer? But if that, why bother with us? I really don’t get it, and I probably don’t want to, but that’s more productive than responding to Steverino, who will never give an inch to facts, truth, or reason.

      People like him are part of the reason Trump got elected.

      1. Ahahaha. Honestly it’s time to get your annual mental health check. A coup attempt?? A couple hundred drunk morons taking over the Capitol (if they succeeded) would be able to take charge of the government and the military?? Roger I was smarter than you when I was 12. And I’m better educated. And I’m more successful. Blah blah blah. Do I need to do this every time? You question why I spend the time here? You should be honored that someone with my credentials is willing to respond to your ridiculousness.

        1. And you’re worth more than $140 million and you don’t date hobbit-lookerss. Several Ivy League degrees. Blah blah blah. The only thing we really know about you is that you have to be the biggest horse’s ass that ever shows up here.

        2. Please feel utterly and completely free to stop honoring us with your presence, Steverino. Of course, if you are none of the things you claim to be, feel equally free to keep coming around so we can laugh at you. My god, you are sad.

          1. And why do you say the truth hurts Bill? I think quite opposite is the case, based on his reaction to you.

          2. I will end contribution here. One day when you actually join the side of “winning” this will all make sense.

          3. “Here, drink this Kool-Aid, it will clear everything up. I have infinity money after getting 37 Ph.D.s. Huh-dur durduuuuurrr.”
            Then later we found out it was actually Trump.

        3. It clearly was a coup ATTEMPT. None of us think they had a chance of accomplishing it … but they did. They honestly thought they could get Congress to reverse the results of the election and install Trump. If it took hanging Mike Pence, kidnapping Pelosi, assassinating AOC – whatever.

          Sure, they were a bunch of drunken, deluded morons, but they felt they were the instruments of the combined wills of God and Trump.

          1. Cruz isn’t a moron like Trump. He’s a weasel. While Trump’s prototype was dense, stubborn Joe McCarthy, Cruz’s is the brilliant and totally unscrupulous Richard Nixon who, like Cruz, would take any position and endure any humiliation in pursuit of the acceptance of the masses. In both cases, the first adjective that comes to my mind is “creepy.”

            And Kissinger’s famous evaluation of Nixon (Think of what he might have accomplished if anyone had ever loved him) seems to apply to Cruz as well.

          2. The analogy between Cruz and Nixon isn’t 100%. Nixon had at least some basic understanding of what normal social interactions should be and usually could summon up a facade of normality when necessary.

            Cruz never comes across as anything but a complete asshole.

          3. I’m with Scoopy. Cruz came across like a normal pro democracy leader saying all the right things in a PBS special aired in the past week. Total weasel’s-ville.

            As for this “autocoup”, lookie here please …wherein Zeynep asplains why Trump’s exit doesn’t mean we don’t still have a loaded gun pointed at our heads.

            So What About That (Self)-Coup?

    1. Hey, we need to thank our lucky stars for that stupidity. Trump’s mental deficiency is the only thing that saved our republic. What a thin line that is! The next would-be autocrat may be equally evil and far more capable.

      Imagine another Trump with intelligence, charm and subtlety.

      And shiver!

      1. Amen. Hawley would like to fancy himself that sort. But he really, as my old Sarge would have put it, “stepped on his own damn dick” with the election steal attempt (by his people) and his behavior on Jan. 6. Not that he couldn’t get nominated, but winning a general election, no way.
        Probably someone out there we haven’t noticed yet.
        But if Trump actually goes through with his Patriots Party thing…

        1. Do you think if Trump skimmed off the scum like Steverino and the Capitol insurrectionists into his Traitor Party, the Republican Party would actually gain strength because of the number of people who would return to the party once the scum was gone? You know, people like Steve Schmidt and our own Michael McChesney?

          1. Yeah. Apparently according to Brennan, you need to watch out for us libertarians. We are about to up our marijuana usage and begin to plan our takeover of American society via call of duty. Be afraid.

          2. I was asking BIll, Steverino. Although it would be fine if anyone but you answered. Or the Bonker, or MidCon, of course. You know, the deplorables.

          3. There are many of us here who are Republicans at heart – McChesney, me, I think probably Bill DeeCee.

            But would we return to the party if it split between the sensible party and the silly party – I dunno. Depends. If it breaks down between sensible and silly, maybe. If it breaks down between silly and very silly, certainly not.

          4. I used to think there would be a big split coming in ’24 between Trump’s MAGAheads and the “Religious” Right when Trump would try to anoint one of his spawn as his successor and the “RR” would go, “It’s our turn now, we want Pence (or whoever)”. This was based on the assumption that Trump would be reelected before he totally fucked up his big test last year.
            Now it looks like the MAGAS are trying to force a split right now. This is wonderfully reflective of their intelligence level: If you’ve lost the WH, the House and the Senate in the last few years and you’re the smaller party, make it even smaller. And make it a one-man show centered around an obese 74-year old who inhales Big Macs and can’t even get around on the green w/o his cart.
            Now the question to me is does the Republican Party revive without the crapheads or does it dwindle into a smaller group which eventually becomes part of a third party as yet not present. Sort of the way anti-slavery Whigs became the core of the new Republican party in the 1850s. Not that I see any Lincolns or Sewards among the present non-craphead GOP. Dunno.
            When I had the 24 Big Split theory I also envisioned a third party emerging by the end of the decade to surge ahead of the Republican husk.
            The present non-MAGA GOP is compromised by its sleaziness (McConnell) or its cowardice in failing to fight for the party’s principles (too many to name, although fast talking no walking good looking Mohair Ben (Sasse) sticks out. Before I’d go back, there would have to be some pretty vigorous tire kicking.

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