Least surprising sports headline of the century?

Brady is in the Superb Owl

He will match up against the young man who may someday break all of his records, a certain Mr. Mahomes and his Chiefs.

4 thoughts on “Least surprising sports headline of the century?

  1. I found it a lot easier to root for Brady now that Belichick is out of the equation. The Pack seemed pretty weak given they had home field advantage, three interceptions off a guy who never throws interceptions and TB lost their two best cornerbacks

  2. Whoooo?

    Disclaimer for what follows: I am not a Brady fan, although his greatness can’t be questioned.

    At the end of the first half, an obvious defensive hold on Tampa Bay is not called, the Bucs get an INT and then gets a TD off a horrible Green Bay defensive breakdown.

    Towards the end of the game, Tampa Bay benefit from a weak defensive hold called on GB, they keep the ball and run out the clock.

    Now the Packers are to blame for giving up the TD bomb and also for not going for the TD on what turned out to be their last possession, but this is still the shit that drives Brady haters crazy. Brady actually had a terrible game, but is getting all the press.

    1. Bottom line: he’s always there in the Owl.

      Most won: 6
      Most played: 10 counting the upcoming one
      Most MVPs: 4

    2. Great teams do what it takes in crucial games. Brady’s always done that; Rodgers can get close but no cigar, other than once 10 years ago. That’s why you hear fans of those losing teams complaining that there were bad or unfair calls; whatever excuses they can find. Fact remains, they didn’t step up. Brady didn’t have a terrible game at all; he was beatable, but even so, he came through when he had to against a team that didn’t seem to prepare well & made some very poor coaching choices. I kinda feel sorry for Rodgers; they just can’t get him a fully-equipped team to match his phenomenal ability.

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