“After making history by being impeached, (the President) lambasted his political opponents, painted himself as a persecuted hero and skipped his successor’s inauguration as he finished up his single term in office. In a bitter farewell address, he railed on about his many grievances and insisted he had no regrets from his time in office.”

The president in question was Andrew Johnson.

Johnson was still expected to attend the event as of the very morning of that Inauguration Day, but he begged off when his carriage came for him, and stayed in his office until the very last minute of his Presidency. “The last minute” is not a figurative expression in this case. He left the White House at noon, precisely as his term expired.

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  1. You have to wonder how things might have been different if Lincoln hadn’t replaced VP Hannibal Hamlin with Johnson for the 1864 election. But Lincoln was trying to bring the country back together and chose a Southern Democrat. I was always taught that Lincoln didn’t want to be unduly harsh with the Southern occupation, but after his assassination, Johnson fought the “Radical Republicans” to enact Lincoln’s vision. Of course, one of the things that made the Republicans so radical was their belief that African-Americans deserved political and social equality with whites. Lincoln stated at least once he was against slavery but didn’t believe African-Americans were the equal of whites. I have to wonder if that was his honest personal opinion or a public statement akin to SENATOR Obama’s stated opposition to same sex marriage. Regardless, I have think Lincoln would have been more receptive to policies and legislation protecting the rights of freed slaves. I don’t believe Johnson should have been impeached. But that aside, I think the “Radical Republicans” get a bad wrap. I wonder how much different things might have turned out if they had a president working with them instead of against them during what should have been Lincoln’s second term.

  2. AJ has always been the best approximation of Trump, even before impeachment. Obsessed with undoing his predecessor’s work: check. Kind of a peckerhead, gets along well with no one: check. Resting bitch face, one term&out: check-arooni.

    Comparisons to Jackson only insult Jackson, who is not here to defend himself.

  3. It’s too bad you have to bring politics into a site that is supposed to be for Celebrity movies and nudity.
    It seemed like a good site until you started your Anti-Trump rants. Plenty more sites out there with good content where I don’t have to see the political crap.

    1. So nice of you to come to other people’s sites and tell them what they are supposed to be for. I’m sure there are other sites which are just waiting for you to go and do that, so off you go.

    2. There is, of course, no anti-Trump statement in this post. It is about Andrew Johnson. I think it’s interesting that there are so many parallels between Johnson’s era and our own, in what James Joyce called “a commodius vicus of recirculation.”

      (“Vicus” presumably refers to Giambattista Vico, an 18th century polymath whose interest in the past led him to theorize about the inevitable cycles of history. This is applicable because Donald Trump seems in many ways to be a recirculation of Andrew Johnson.)

      Or to word it another way, as Hegel did, “History teaches us that man learns nothing from history.”

    3. If you don’t want to see anything but the sexy celebs, you can always bookmark this instead of the main page

    4. It’s cool to be pissed off but keep coming here, at least this way you don’t need to feel bad about looking at naked hot chicks.

      Its a great distraction from all else going on in the world but still not as much fun as getting drunk!

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