Here is the short cut to the full COVID report for Friday.

Well, it seems that the “fourth wave” has begun. Versus the same day of last week, US new cases were up 21%, US hospital admissions for COVID were up 9%, global new cases were up 20% and global fatalities were up 26%.

India again shattered its previous record for the most new cases in a single day.

Michigan continued to top every state and every country in the rate of new cases per capita.

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  1. Scoop, the comparisons to France are not appropriate. France isn’t much larger than California. It doesn’t have 50 States, each with its own uniquely diverse environmental, social, and economic conditions and resources. It has nowhere near the ethnic diversity of the US. It has nowhere near diversity of thought of the US. France doesn’t have the extent of generational diversity of newer immigrants. In short, France is the result of hundreds of years of shared identity and values. Dissent has been dealt with harshly at times and eliminated on occasion. The EU, which is more appropriately compared to the US in terms of geography, population, and climate is completely dysfunctional. And they just had a “state” succeed from their union.

    Let our states handle policy. Let the feds handle national security and federal infrastructure. This is the only path to efficiency.

    1. I assume you typed this in the wrong place and intended it to be in the comments on high speed rail, which is where I compared France to California.

      First of all, the dramatically overpriced high-speed rail projects in California are being run out of Sacramento (although they have gotten some federal grants for various parts of the project), not out of D.C. That makes your argument particularly inappropriate, since you are suggesting to leave the job to the states!

      In addition, pretty much everything you wrote is factually incorrect. 28% of all children born in France have at least one parent born outside of Europe, and the percentage rises to a third if the definition changes to “outside of France itself.” That is a higher percentage than the USA. North Africans alone, not even including other non-European ethnics, now account for a full 10% of the French populace.

      Of course it doesn’t matter that your facts are wrong, because they would be irrelevant even if they were accurate. Ethnic diversity is not germane to the cost of high speed rail.

      So, to summarize:

      You posted in the wrong thread.

      Your facts are wrong.

      Your facts, even if they had been accurate, would have had no relevance.

      And the actual facts lead to a conclusion exactly the opposite of your conclusion that the states should handle their own matters.

      So – well done!

  2. Idea doing the rounds: Surge vaccinations. This’d be a wider. regional version of “ring vaccination”. We send “SWAT teams” into hot zones to mass vaccinate… IOW, the way we fight fires.

  3. Again, thanks, Uncle Scoopy. In the news: Ontario, Canada goes on 4wk strict lockdown. Even outdoor dining shut, offices & stores except grocery, drugs & garden shut, big box open at reduced capacity, curb pickup OK. Seems draconian to me. New case rate would be #20 as a state. It’s 3x Cali & 1/3 of Mich. Doesn’t seem so bad to me, but it’s well into the red zone. The reason I find this notable is its proximity to Mich.

  4. Yes, Scoopy, as you say. Calculation: 60 x 1K / (1/3) x 1B = 60×3 / 1M = 180 daily new cases per 1M. So U.S. avg is in the red. Nearby (San Fran), daily cases bottoming below 50 /1M. That’s still away from 0 & stagnant. Even a slight rise, but a “wave” is not inevitable. And I’d say, not yet a clear path to 0. Vax rate climbing, demand steady, reluctance waning… good signs. Room for optimism. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

    1. I’d pt out a diff betw facts = what we know as opposed to speculation & facts = what’s true even when we don’t know it.

      This past year our science has been far behind what we’ve really known from the epidemic itself. The science is still inconclusive about hand sanitizer, but the absence of evidence of anyone being infected from surface contact strongly suggests these precautions have all been more for show than effective. The 6 feet apart advice was ill-advised since there’s no magic about that number, nor is 15min of being close even with a mask on, magic. Some bars shuffled the room every 14m, a completely stupid take on a dumbed-down rule. Underlying these are hidden assumptions.

      Like, that we can’t tell people to wear masks since we didn’t *know* for sure they’d work & were necessary. And that ventilation was too big an ask, so we got lesser measures to follow. We didn’t know that outdoors was safe. Again, had we known, certain aspects of lockdowns we could’ve gone without. These plastic barriers are ridiculous. In place of ventilation, which works… while the barriers do approximately zilch.

      Also, bear in mind when TX numbers don’t soar, voluntary mask wearing is still 70%. It’s only 80% in locked-down CA. That’s a funny thing that happens when community spread drops. And, as if we needed to be reminded, effectiveness is due to the actual wearing, not the policy.

      Where I’m at: In an emergency, strict adherence to meticulous rules of scientific precision need to be tempered with insight enough to know when to fudge a little. I learned that, but I don’t think *we* have.

      1. Your post is a whole lot of “the best is the enemy of the better”. We don’t “know” a lot of things. But we can still take a lot of educated guesses about them and be better off, like it’s pretty safe to say that dipshits in charge could *not* ban cities from forcing people to wear masks.

      1. My guess is the Breitbart spin on the CDC Director’s Today Show (NBC) interview. Asked if cases dropping from 55k to say 20k or 30k might amount to “turning a corner”, she said “it’s hard to put a number on that”. She said the most important effect of vaccination that we should focus on is less deaths. More widely reported in other media, from her full briefing, she points to signs the drop in cases & deaths is starting to stall. She now fears the possibility of a 4th wave due to the recent changes in policy & behavior.

        breitbart . com / clips / 2021 / 03 / 26 / cdc-director-hard-to-put-a-number-on-daily-case-count-that-would-mean-were-turning-corner

    1. Do you feel better now, Darius? Did screaming with rage and pain help? Think how much you achieved doing that!

      Or would watching some Tucker Carlson make you feel better? Or maybe Alex Jones? He’s got the inside scoop on EVERYTHING! And he probably sells something that will calm you down. Buy lots of it. Then both of you will be happy!

      Remember to write Trump a big check, and have a NICE day.

  5. 2 adds. 1. When I said “too soon for vax fx”, I neglected something. We know a lot more people that we don’t know of were touched by the virus; we know that from several sources. But to be expected as we aren’t testing gen pop. Not exactly “herd immunity” but it will be a damping force, not unlike vax fx.

    2. Just got my 1st shot thanks to PWS. Happy about that. Also, our numbers in my county are really good. It almost seems reasonable to separate the states having troubles & lump them with the countries doing terribly. But no one’s safe till we all are. Vax-decliners being apparently so numerous worries me. Manaus has me almost frightened. Predicting how things are going to go still doesn’t seem safe to bet on right now.

  6. This site 1) fully admits to being other crap; 2) usefully points out that this isn’t the only site that’s crap; 3) and though Uncle Scoopy may be on the irreverent side, he consistently demonstrates the value of rationality… of not being slave to sentiments & prejudices.

  7. Could not agree more, i don’t understand the doom and gloom here. Constant terms like ‘this can’t be good’ and ‘we’re doomed’. Please just post the boobies and STFU. At least finally, a year into this, the ‘heckava job Trumpy’ tag got removed. Took a whole year for this crayon chewer to realize the whole world is in the same boat, regardless of leader.

    1. Be fair, Trump DOES blow and Scoopy’s coverage of Covid is better and more thorough than the evening news’s. The doom and gloom is a response to knowing that we still have a plague out there. Please just get back to singing for Styx and STFU yourself until you’ve got something more than whining.

    2. Nothing could be further from the truth. The actions of leaders have had an enormous impact, and that’s one of the reasons for staying on top of the numbers – to see what works.

      Comparing countries with the same COVID timeline and cultures (per million population):

      Example 1:
      USA to date: 92,000 cases, 1,681 deaths
      Canada to date: 25,000 cases, 599 deaths

      So the actions of America’s leaders are responsible for approximately tripling the fatality count. That amounts to more than 1,000 deaths per million – about 330,000 lives.

      Example 2:
      Sweden to date: 76,000 cases, 1,318 deaths
      Norway to date: 17,000 cases, 120 deaths
      Finland to date: 13,000 cases, 147 deaths

      Sweden is one of two or three countries that actually did worse than the USA. Their actions probably multiplied the fatality count times ten, compared to x3 for the USA. (One might also say their actions cost the country about 1,100 lives per million population, about the same as the USA by that metric.)

      As for doom and gloom, the reason is obvious. The more seriously you take a pandemic, to better your chances of escaping or minimizing its impact. Moreover, extreme action also reduces the virus’s ability to mutate. (The more it spreads, the more chances for mutation, or as Fauci put it, “Viruses cannot mutate if they don’t replicate.”)

      As I’ve noted elsewhere, President Trump bungled the country’s response to the pandemic in terms of masks, testing, social distancing, super-spreader events, snake oil cures, and perhaps several other things that escape me without reviewing my notes: but he get one very important thing right, better than the rest of the developed world: he got government and industry engaged in partnership to develop vaccines, taking a proactive stance rather than waiting to be a customer. That’s an important reason why we are now among the top three countries in charts ranking the percentage of the population fully vaccinated.

      1. I came for the boobs. I stayed for the discourse. This site has always been an awesome blend of pop culture, in depth film and baseball analysis and world events. Trump and COVID were world events. Of course they will be discussed here. And if all you care about is the T&A, how hard is it to ignore the other posts? Why should Scoop cater to your whims editorially on his FREE blog? The entitlement of feeling comfortable dictating free content is staggering.

    3. ‘Please just post the boobies and STFU.’

      More right wing cancel culture.

      1. Hey, it’s kinda like telling Lebron “shut up and just play ball.”

        So that puts Uncle Scoopy on the same level as Lebron James!

  8. It’s becoming more and more certain that the virus actually originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (e.g. search Google news for WIV), with multiple sources providing evidence that there was prior and ongoing work in risky coronavirus research, that the facilities were not up to code, and that the provided explanation that it was a natural source from a local live market is not realistic. Given the lack of evidence of natural origins, the virus was likely a strain developed to test increased infection capability. Whether or not the goal of the research was intended as a bioweapon is not known. While accidents happen, the government of China is complicit in covering up the initial release, silencing (and worse) whistleblowers, leading investigators astray with the “live market” explanation, and possibly illegal research activities. For this reason, I think the governments of the world should seek reparations from China for lives lost, people permanently disabled, real economic losses, and personal hardships endured by all. Probably in the order of trillions, and maybe tens of trillions USD. Will take payment in debt forgiveness. Nothing has ever gone wrong with seeking reparations, right?

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