Eve Hewson – possible nipple (.gif)

Eve Hewson in the first episode of “Behind Her Eyes”

Caps below with exaggerated brightness

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Detailed notes here

One thought on “Eve Hewson – possible nipple (.gif)

  1. Scoopy: I guess you brightened these from the clip, didn’t pay too much attention to the caps. Because your caps entirely miss the nipple shot. OK, it’s there, barely, in your 4 of 5. Down at lower left in the crook of Eve’s elbow, in the triangle of her left knee, his right elbow & her bicep. One frame later (single-stepping), her bicep is on its way up & gets in the way. The nipple is there for only a sec, before that. Before Eve’s knee comes up in front of her forearm. There’s a shadow further up above her bicep that someone mistook for a pastie. As someone else said, if they have to squint, forget it. That’s the way of these things. As always, we get what we get, not what we want.

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