Kate Moss – aging well

A testimony to the youth-preserving powers of cocaine

6 thoughts on “Kate Moss – aging well

  1. I’m certainly enjoying the peace and quiet after the nonstop liberal protesting, riots, and complaining that accompanies every GOP president. Liberals just don’t like being out of power. They don’t care if the policies continue so long as there isn’t some mean conservative in office upsetting the French.

    At this point I’m ready to permanently hand the presidency to the liberals in exchange for the Supreme Court. As an added benefit, liberals can save a ton of money since they won’t need to buy signs, markers, and antidepressants and they can use those funds to pay down their student debt. And who knows…. with all the extra time on their hands, maybe they can get jobs.

    1. Leading candidate for the Shoenfield Prize right here. In fact, nominations should be closed immediately.

      1. I had to Google that, Mr. Haney. It turns out to be a prize give by the Association of Symbolic Logic for “outstanding expository writing in the field of illogic”, honoring the evil identical twin brother of Joseph R. Shoenfield, Gummo Shoenfield.

        Not only do I love that fact that for some reason, you know about this prize, but also that Steverino is going to have to Google it too. High class work!

        1. Is there some kind of award for non sequiturs? What does any of this have to do with Kate Moss’ chest?

          1. Steverino’s post is a complete non-sequitur, David Gilbert. Mr’ Haney’s post is relevant to Steverino’s post, and my post is relevant to his.

            I don’t know if your post refers only to Steverino’s, or to all the posts here. If the latter, I hope I have cleared things up for you.

            I had thought of making a post like yours about Steverino’s post, but then I remembered it is much more rewarding to talk crap about Steverino than to talk to him.

  2. Dang, I am getting everyone mixed up today. I saw this and thought of Elizabeth Moss and did not understand the cocaine remark. And Emma Roberts? Is she different from Emma Watson and Emma Stone, whom I often think of as Emma St. One, because I thought that was funny for about 10 seconds?

    Boy, I had better not post about anything meaningful today. Thank god Trump is gone.

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