Tara Reid bootyl … never mind.

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7 thoughts on “Tara Reid bootyl … never mind.

  1. Well, I’m partial to Dana Delany’s buttered breast. Sure, DQ on 2 counts: not intercoursing the food, not well-thought of. I liked it fine, tho.

  2. If there is an American Pie 5, all the effects budget will be used to photoshoot her.

    1. We voted Trump out and we can stop American Pie 5. This is Merica, we don’t put up with this crap. Actually, show this picture around, that should stop American Pie 5.

        1. I haven’t scene any of the American Pies beyond the first one. How culturally deprived does that make me?

          1. You are none deprived. American Pie is the Citizen Kane of pie-fucking films, anything else is a step down.

          2. Why limit it to pies? Are there better films involving intercourse with other baked goods? In fact, unless you’re really a fan of Call Me By Your Name, American Pie may be the Citizen Kane of all food-fucking films. Am I missing one?

            (Debatable: Marlon Brando did technically fuck some butter in Last Tango in Paris.)

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