This was probably the nadir of her career, unless you count Soul Man, which came out the same year, so 1986 was assuredly not her peak.

This was alleged to be Julia:

image host

The escaped breast did not appear in the film, but from an article published in a magazine, and is allegedly a BTS photo from Troll. Cinefantastique published it in March, 1986, page 17, and identified it as Julia. The film came out that same year. In the very next edition of Cinefantastique (May, 1986, page 62), the magazine published a letter from Julia’s legal representative which asserted that the photo pictured a body double. The magazine responded with a retraction.

Here are some captures from the film itself:

image host image host image host

You all know that Julia has been associated with three of the greatest comedy shows in history: SNL (1982-1985), Seinfeld (1990-1998) and Veep (2012-2019). In between those shows she had some moments that were not so memorable. Troll came in the period between SNL and Seinfeld. Later, between Seinfeld and Veep, came the innovative but now-forgotten Watching Ellie, which featured Steve Carell before he became a big deal, and was created and written by Julia’s husband, Brad Hall.

image host

While we’re on the subject of Julia, here are some of the sexier off-screen moments of a comedy legend,

image host image host image host image host image host

and a capture from Seinfeld.

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Finally – of course we must recall the discussion of her famous Christmas Card nipple:

New Bruce Willis flick. Comes out on the 23rd.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Megan’s performance will not be among the nominees for Best Actress at the next Oscar ceremony.

And she didn’t even have the common decency to get naked.

image host image host

There is a Red Band trailer for this film, but the R rating is for language and violence. This is a clear violation of Scoopy’s Prime Directive, which goes as follows:

If you are making a movie and are certainly going to get an R rating for violence (or cussing), load up on breasts, because no quantity of breasts will earn you an NC-17. It will be an R with or without breasts.

The Johnny Cochrane version: “If the R is for V, the tits are free.”

Anyway, here is the aforementioned trailer:

In French

Here’s how Google Translate renders it (probably awkwardly). I can’t help. I don’t know enough French.

Summer of famine

Titane: a rare experience. Lengthy and frequent nudity from Agathe Rousselle, the breasts of Garance Marillier (see a little more) and Anaïs Fabre.

Annette: beautiful but boring. The breasts of Marion Cotillard.

Upcoming films:

Tralala: the Larrieu brothers tick off a new cinematographic genre with a light and pleasant film. Very sensual nude scene by Mélanie Thierry, who mainly offers us her ass, to see a little more.

Eiffel: classic biopic. Emma Mackey’s breasts in a sex scene.

I comete: naturalistic Corsica.

Nos frères ennemis: another oriented re-reading of the events in Algeria. The Luxembourgish breasts of Vicky Krieps.

Amants: we knew Nicole Garcia more inspired. Stacy Martin at “oilp.” (??)

Si demain: Fabienne Godet continues her quest for meaning.

La troisième guerre: the hard work of a soldier ensuring “vigipirate” (Google obviously encountered some problems translating this one)

Rouge: man pollutes to live!

Tout nous sourit: small vaudeville

Vagabondes: street school, where we keep our clothes.

Hunted: Lucie Debay gets hunted but does not suffer the extreme outrages.

L’origine du Monde: Parisianiste (I had never noticed that Vincent Macaigne was the double of François Hollande). Karin Viard still and always very naked (it will still be necessary to ensure that there has not been recourse to digital special effects because Karin appears particularly sharp and the 2 actors exhibit the cocks of porn actors).

Ni Dieux, Ni Maitres: from the right of cuissage to the Middle Ages. Flore Grimaud’s heavy chest.

Isn’t this a song?

No, not that gay anthem by Paul Shaffer.

This one:

They’re rioting in Africa
They’re starving in Spain
There’s hurricanes in Florida
And it’s raining cocaine

Twelve million dollars worth of cocaine lands on somebody’s roof in Sardinia

It did break a solar panel when it landed, but the homeowners could easily have paid for that if they hadn’t informed the police. Do you think Farmers will cover it? They’ve seen a thing or two.

” … for educational purposes

Among the conditions to be fulfilled by bidders is that the sculptures be neatly polished and measure around 6.7 inches. If you have them lying around, they are willing to pay more than $130,000. I would love to do it, but I checked all my closets and storage spaces, and I can’t come up with more than 7500.