This is the best quality clip I have seen from this 1991 film, which fell in the Stone chronology between Total Recall and Basic Instinct. Although small in size, the clip is crisper and clearer than the Blu-Ray.

Some color-adjusted captures from the Blu-Ray are seen below

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There is one odd bit of trivia worth noting about this film. The director, Frank De Felitta, was 70 years old and had never before directed a feature film. It was an unusual time of life to be embarking on a new career, although it would not turn out to be much of a career since he would never direct another movie.

He was, however, not some obscure one-hit wonder. De Felitta was by then a highly successful Hollywood figure who had become famous in the 1970s for writing two popular supernatural novels inspired by “real” events, then adapting them into screenplays for eponymous films. His first major success was “Audrey Rose,” a reincarnation yarn that unexpectedly became a runaway best seller. It sold an extraordinary 3.5 million paperbacks in 1975, then became a major film starring Marsha Mason and Anthony Hopkins. A few years after that, De Felitta penned “The Entity,” an occult tale about a woman who was continually molested by a spectral assailant. The screen portrayal of that story infamously featured a naked Barbara Hershey (and her prosthetic extensions) being quite explicitly violated on camera in real time by an invisible rapist (below).

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