Your Cleveland Guardians

Cleveland Indians announce franchise’s new name: the Guardians

14 thoughts on “Your Cleveland Guardians

  1. After everybody calmed down and read about, it made sense. It is sort of an “insiders” name. It would be like the St. Louis Cards being change to the St. Louis Arches.

  2. I was hoping they’d go with Spiders. I’d never heard of either the Guardians or the bridge before.

  3. And exactly what do you know about “fucking Cleveland”? Precious little I’d guess.

    1. Not an expert, don’t want to be. Um, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? You’ve got to admit, though: the Browns play there.

      1. To be brief, the Rock Hall, a (finally) winning football team, a baseball team with a winning record the last eight years, one of the better art museums in the East, and an orchestra which has been the best in the world or near the best since Nov ’54, and a national park a few minutes away up the river. Lots of cities twice the Mistake’s size don’t have nearly all that. And that is one cool bridge the Guardians stand on.
        On the downside crappy winters and a burning bullpen.

        1. “Sophisticated” people tend to sneer at mid-sized cities away from the coasts, like Cleveland, Indianapolis, Memphis and Cincinnati. I’m almost always pleasantly surprised when I visit places like that. They seem to be way better than their reputations.

          1. Well…Cleveland at least has a large lakefront that connects to the Atlantic coast.

        2. I’ll bet a lot of the country would happily trade “crappy winters” for what they’re dealing with right now, and maybe indefinitely. My opinion is, the Great Lakes region, in terms of climate, is the best region in the 48 states when you take everything into account. (Of course I might be prejudiced–I live in Western New York, an hour’s drive away from Lake Ontario.)

          1. I grew up in Irondequoit, NY, on Lake Ontario, and I now live within an hour of Lake Michigan, so I share your bias and your opinion.

            Heck, given global warming, Green Bay could be the future Havana. (Have to work on the music, though.)

          2. It’s going to get really interesting sometime in the future when the western states, having largely pissed away the Colorado, Sacramento, and Columbia watersheds, start trying to grab for the Great Lakes.

  4. I’m happy for them & all, but when the game ends and they walk out of the stadium, they’ll still be in fucking Cleveland.

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