I didn’t realize until just now that there is a tape of Andy’s legendary “milk and cookies” performance. Not only did he take the audience out for a snack after the performance, but he continued the show the next day on the Staten Island Ferry, where he did more of his Intergender Wrestling schtick and more. Pics of the ferry gig here. Story of the concert here. Tape below.

Andy remembered by a childhood friend.


Susan George began her career as a child actress, and in fact, began her screen nudity the same way. She was still 17, a child by our current standards, when she did some nude scenes in an obscure British film called The Strange Affair, which was about a guy who gets into trouble by having an affair with (wait for it) an underage girl. Few people saw that film outside of Britain, and I don’t even know if it’s available in any sanctioned print these days, but many more people would get to admire Susan’s shape three years later (1971), when she made quite an international splash by exposing her impressive figure as the co-star of Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs. Throughout the seventies did some additional nude scenes in Out of Season (1975), Tintorero (1977) and the much-reviled Mandingo (1975). She capped off her nudography when she took off her top one last time for The House Where Evil Dwells (1982).

That title may make it sound like an MSNBC show about Mar-a-Lago, but it’s actually a horror film about a house in Japan that is permeated by the residual evil of a murder-suicide in the previous century. Well, that’s the premise until the end of the film, when the same house is haunted by the ghost of Doug McClure. It may sound like I’m fuckin’ witcha, but that’s really what happens.

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I learned an important cultural lesson from this film. If you rent one of those houses in Japan with the paper walls, make sure you have the lights between you and the exterior walls, not the other way around. If you do this wrong, you will be giving a shadow-show to your neighbors every night, and if you’re have having sex, your little performance will star Mr. Happy-san. This rule would be especially important if you are fucking a tougher guy’s wife.

Or you could just turn off the lights.

My review covers this film in fairly substantial detail, somewhere in between my usual pointless digressions.