Amanda held nothing back in this campy genre spoof from Ken Russell, neither in the nudity department nor in her delightfully over-the-top performance.

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Tuna and I both loved this ridiculous movie. Many people, expecting a faithful rendering of the Bram Stoker story, found it unappealing. I recommend it heartily if you burn one before watching it, but you might even find it entertaining if you’re sober. I don’t ingest any recreational substances, and I still found this film extraordinarily silly. My comments follow if you are interested:

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Last week the company said it would ban porn, starting Oct. 1, citing pressure from banks and payment companies. They just reversed that.

They apparently decided, “Fuck those guys if they don’t want our business. The money from porn is so sweet that we can BE a payment company, if necessary.” It seems that their bankers and billers backed off, presumably not wanting to eschew their share of those sweet, sweet porn bucks.

As I see it, OnlyFans facilitates willing exchanges between buyers and sellers, and everyone wins. The women who provide the content are prospering, the clients are satisfied, OnlyFans gets a nice cut, the payment companies and bankers make money and the government gets tax revenue. The services are provided virtually, so they create no public health challenges, preventing society’s high sheriffs from applying the logic they often apply to sexually-oriented transactions in the flesh-and-blood world. There may even be a health benefit from keeping the clients in the virtual world and off the streets, thus avoiding physical contact with strangers during a pandemic. Moreover, the transactions are not publicly accessible, so there is no chance that children or the general public will accidentally stumble upon XXX material. The explicit material on OnlyFans doesn’t seem to be harming anyone. I say let ’em do their thing.

Don Meredith: Not only that Howard, but she seems to be everywhere, showing her stuff.

In fact Netflix just announced that Vanessa will now be in every movie. Well, almost. They had to make a few exceptions. They just couldn’t figure out how to cut her into Schindler’s List.


SIDEBAR: If I remember right, the actual Cosell/Meredith conversations went like this.

Howard: The Steelers’ drive was inexorable.

Dandy: And also hard to stop.


Danderoo’s most famous quip: “Tom Landy is a perfectionist. If he was married to Raquel Welch, he’d expect her to cook.”

One of Howard’s: “Arrogant, pompous, obnoxious, vain, cruel, verbose, a showoff. I have been called all of these. Of course, I am.”

While those two guys amused themselves, Gifford just pretended that they didn’t exist. I really miss those guys.