Carla Gugino has certainly been a successful actress, with a diverse filmography in everything from family fare to erotic thrillers. She has somehow managed to be Harriet Nelson one day, Sharon Stone the next, then Donna Reed, then Eva Green – and was completely natural in all those roles. As successful as she was, I don’t know what kept her from being an even bigger star. As you can tell, I am a fan.

I am also a fan of this film, which I have often described as the most entertaining film nobody ever heard of. (OK, possibly excepting Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). As far as I’m concerned, it has it all: wisecracking buddy cops, philosophical crooks, hidden motivations, wild plot twists, gratuitous nudity, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, humor, and Carla Gugino’s breasts. Did I mention gratuitous lesbian porn that has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the movie? It’s the ultimate recipe for a guilty pleasure film of the 80s or 90s, and that kinda happens to be custom designed for my tastes. Hell, Escoffier himself could not create a more perfect recipe. OK, I’m gushing.

And I rhapsodized about the film at even more embarrassing length in my review.

Enough of my bullshitting. He-e-e-e-re’s Carla:

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