Lisa Bonet topless in Angel Heart (1987)

A favorite of mine. Beautiful woman, engaging story. Director Alan Parker was an interesting and complex guy, as demonstrated by the astounding diversity of his movies. His filmography encompasses a wide range of styles, tones and genres. And there are some damned good movies on that list.

3 thoughts on “Lisa Bonet topless in Angel Heart (1987)

  1. Parker might have one in my all-time top ten (if I would ever do one) – The Commitments.
    “Say it loud – “Oi’m black and oi’m proud”.

    1. A classic. “Joey: The name’s Joseph Fagin. Joey “The Lips” Fagin.
      Jimmy Rabbitte: [sarcastically] And I’m Jimmy “The Bollocks” Rabbitte
      Joey: I get mine from my horn playing. How’d you get yours?”

      1. RIP Johnny Murphy (Joey) . They kept talking about doing a sequel until he died a few years back. Gina is bereft.

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