The BYU-Virginia game was 42-38 at halftime! It looked like they might break the two-team scoring record for an FBS game, which is 146, but the final score was “only” 66-49. BYU amassed 734 years from scrimmage, led by Tyler Allgeier, who rushed for 266 yards and 5 TDs. (The 2018 game they were chasing for the scoring record finished 74-72 in seven overtimes. There’s a locker room story for you. “There’s good news and bad news. The good news? We scored 72. The bad news? We lost.”)

Michigan State beat Michigan in a game that featured not only a long-term rivalry, but a clash between unbeaten teams. The computers absolutely hate Michigan State. They just beat an undefeated team, to remain undefeated themselves, yet Sagarin’s computer ranks them 24th. To add insult to injury, the same computer program still ranks Michigan, the team MSU just beat, 5th! The polls do not agree with the computers on the Michigan State downgrade. The Spartans are ranked 5th by the AP, 6th by the coaches.

#17 Pitt lost despite getting 519 passing yards from their QB. They dropped to 25th and 26th in the two polls.

Here’s a sight you don’t see often: Wake Forest in the top ten!

A new series about life in a tiny, isolated Norwegian village. Amazingly enough, it turns out to be pretty much like life in Deadwood in the 1880s, except that there are slashes through the o’s. The sheriff is corrupt, the local pimp lost one of his employees, a retailer is possessed by a demon, a farmer is a cross-dresser, the parson hates god, and there are lesbians as well as a powerful local bootlegger.

Marie Blokhus in episode 6
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Marie Blokhus in episode 7
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Kamilla Gronli-Hartvig in episode 7
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Jewel Staite and Charlie Ritchie dressed as Megan Fox and MGK. Or vice-versa. Megan and Machine would have reciprocated except that Jewel and Charlie have no personalities to duplicate, and nobody knows who Charlie is. That never stops me. I dressed up for Halloween as my cousin Stefan, but nobody seemed to get it. I guess that might be because Stefan lives in Florida and none of the people at the party had ever heard of him or even knew of his existence. Not coincidentally, none of his friends got it when he went to a Halloween party dressed as me.

Oh, how Stefan and I chuckled at the brilliance of our delightful jape, and the pitiful ignorance of our party companions.