Venus Williams very naked

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This must be an outtake from her pictorial in the 2014 Body Issue from ESPN magazine. Wow. We have seen many UHQ images from this photoshoot (example), but this is the first time I’ve seen an image with a clear look at both breasts and a hint of the pubic area. And she looks great!

3 thoughts on “Venus Williams very naked

  1. There are so many near nudes in those ESPN Body Issue that there must a multi-million $ trove of nudes to be leaked, unless the subject stand there and watch the photographer delete them off their hard drives.

    1. Yeah, I’m always hoping for outtakes of one of the gymnasts or surfers. Two sports that should be done in the nude.

  2. First time I’ve seen a Williams sister frontally nude in a posed setting. Yeah, there’ve been a few paparazzi sneak shots and the artfully posed, holding hands/arms in front of tits or ass, but wow, Venus has small but nice looking boobs.

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