Just some rambling …

A recent thread about the Fugs reminded me that Tuli Kupferberg, in one of his last interviews, said something like:

Nobody who lived in the 50s could have predicted the 60s, so there is always hope.

Rebuttal from Graham Greene

“I suppose it was only one more indication of a human being’s capacity for self-deception, our baseless optimism that is so much more appalling than our despair.”

“Catholic clergy are reportedly outraged by the ex-bishop’s bizarre new career move, claiming he is ‘possessed’ and ‘masturbating’ pigs.”

(Presumably just part of his career path to the papacy itself.)

Incidentally, I sat next to Timothy Leary and saw Masturbating Pigs open for one of the Fugs at the Grugahalle in the legendary “Pigs & Fug in Grug” concert back in ’68. Or maybe none of that never happened. It was the 60s. There were drugs.