The tight market has many people across the U.S. unable to book one of Santa’s helpers to visit kids ahead of Christmas. A professional Santa school in Denver is seeing up to 15% fewer Santas in the region this holiday season, and demand for St. Nicolas to appear is up more than 120%.

The key term here is “professional Santa school,” a hallowed institution of learning that prompted a revised slogan elsewhere: “Harvard. Now there IS a substitute.”

(Gratuitous Soul Man reference.)

Why in the world are they scheduling New Mexico State? I’m pretty sure Alabama’s marching band could suit up and beat New Mexico State. Alabama scored 49 in the first half and might have hit triple figures if they hadn’t emptied the bench.

Because they floated through the start of the second half, the Tide barely covered the spread, which was an incredible 51 1/2! (‘Bama was only up by 46 coming into the 4th quarter.)

In semi-important games:

#8 Oklahoma lost their first game to #13 Baylor.

#11 A&M lost to #15 Ole Miss.

Here is college pigskin’s week 11 recap

He’s still running ahead of Trump, but it’s getting close.

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The really telling stat in the new WaPo poll is the percentage of voters who “strongly” approve and disapprove. In late April, 34% “strongly approved” of his performance, while 35% strongly disapproved, simply reflecting the divided nature of our nation. As of now, only 19% strongly approve and a whopping 44% strongly disapprove. His support is disintegrating because those who had given him the benefit of the doubt are disenchanted and deserting.

If you study the numbers, you’ll see that there is still widespread support for his policies. The infrastructure bill has overwhelming approval, and even the framework of the expensive Build Back Better bill is widely popular in theory (58 yea, 37 nay). In short, people seem to like his ideas, but don’t think he’s the guy to pull them off.

The combination of supply chain bottlenecks, inflation and strikes is drowning out any good news he might claim in other arenas. Yes, he has problems at the border and with government gridlock and the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, but the economy is the big enchilada. Only 29% of adults say they have a positive view of the economy. Biden could single-handedly cure COVID, re-build all of America’s bridges with his bare hands, stop global warming, and get a full-throated endorsement from Jesus in his second coming, but if 70% of Americans view the economy negatively, he’s still in one-term Carter Country.